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Happy Holidays From @theUHP!

19 Dec

For all of you with Twitter accounts, keep us informed with what you’re doing over winter break. And remember, the UHP has our own Twitter account, too!  Share your fun by including us on any relevant Tweets, uploads, or links you share between now and the upcoming semester. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter so you can get our Honors Program updates as well! Let’s make every UHP tweet like a single Christmas light on a giant, glowing tree of sharing and caring.

Heading Home: Half Horrified, Wholey Hesistant [Ask the Sherpa]

8 Dec
The  Sherpa
The Sherpa

A student communicates via the ancient art of smoke signaling:

“Dear Sherpa,

I’m totally weirded out by going home.  I mean, I was home for Thanksgiving, but it was just a few days.  This winter break is going to last weeks.  Weeks!  This is going to be weird.  How do I stop my parents from driving me crazy? What am I going to do while I’m there?

Bored n’ Headin’ Home”

I’m afraid I can’t speak from experience here.  I was raised solely by my father because we never knew who my mother was.  Papa, a travelling gypsy fiddler, was drafted to the American civil war and died on the battle field when I was still just a kid.  While I never condone violence and claim no allegiance to any nation, I still cherish the letter praising his valiance sent to me by General Lee.

What I can tell you is that our roles for the longest journeys are anything but immutable.  We leave some paths only to rejoin them later, even if only briefly, and we must always renegotiate where we stand in our routes and with others.  On our own, we can’t help but develop an appreciation for independence.  But, be sensitive to the concerns of the rest of your fellow journeymen– they are your team, and secure your path’s line when you feel shrouded in obfuscation.  Have patience and warmth, and you’ll receive it in kind.