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Lil’ Franny Dee is Out There

8 Nov

Lil’ Franny Dee made an appearance this week in a UHP publication, but nobody has spotted her yet!  To help you out, she appeared in something from the UHP that came this week,  so don’t bother looking farther into the past than that.

If you spot her, you can win a $10 gift card.  She’s tiny and black and white.  (So that means not large and in color.)

Be the first to exclaim where you saw her on our Facebook wall, and you can win!

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A lil’ bit about Lil’ Franny Dee

3 Sep

Lil’ Franny Dee hides in UHP publications.  Put on your “Private Eye” caps and keep an eye out for her!  If you spot her, you can win a $10 gift card.  She’s tiny and black and white.  (So that means not large and in color.)

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UHPers Dominate Rice, Gamow, and Provost/OVPR Research Prizes!

30 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the George Gamow, Luther Rice and Provost/OVPR research prizes! Honors students made up 22% of the winners of these prestigious awards, while the UHP makes up less than 5% of the total student population at GW.

UHPers Adam Bethke and Michelle Kuhn received the Provost/ OVPR Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

UHPers Madison Boggs, Alexandra Kralick, Julia Wagner and Hannah Wendling were selected for the Gamow Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. The Gamow provides funding to undergraduates who submit a proposal with a faculty member to conduct research, scholarship or creative activity.

UHPers Jeremy Barr, Jeffrey Messina, Josh Rivers and Paul Seltzer won the Luther Rice Collaborative Fellowship, which requires a significant, focused examination of an idea or an area of inquiry. The research should result in work that could merit presentation or publication in a scholarly venue.

Also, congratulations to the five UHP freshman whose writings on the summer reading, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, were chosen for the anthology. Kevin Frey, Shira Herald, Jacob Learned, Michelle Stuhlmacher and Brooke Talbot were among 16 freshman chosen to have their responses published. If you’d like to read their pieces, we have a copy in the townhouse for your perusal!

Congrats to Strasser Winners! [Prize]

24 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Strasser Writing Prize!  Your papers were chosen by a faculty committee as the most exemplary work in the Honors Program this year!

Along with bragging rights, winners also receive a $100 gift card.  Runners up receive a $50 gift card.  Come by the UHP office any time during regular hours to claim your prize (and don’t forget your GWorld!)

Winner: Evin Feldman
-Paper Title: On the Defense of Emotions
Runner Up: Shira Hereld
-Paper Title: The Philosopher V

Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
Winner: Elizabeth Nelson
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper–A Review of Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future by Robert Bryce
Runner Up: Michelle Stuhlmacher
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper

Self and Society
Winner: Hunter Scott
-Paper Title: Race, Medicine, and Public Health: African American Experience
Runner Up: Khadija Lalani
-Paper Title: How does Ethnocentrism influence interpretations of veiling in Islamic cultures?

Arts and Humanities
Winner: Tanvir Ahmed
-Paper Title: Every Day is ‘Ashura, and Every Land is Karbala
Runner Up: Penina Smith
-Paper Title: Superheroes, Clay Men, and Synagogues: A Study of Jewish Separatism and Assimilation

NACADA’s Best in the Region Pick: The UHP!

24 Apr

Catherine, Liz, and Jared recently presented Intelligent Internetting or: How I Learned to Stop Emailing Excessively and Love the Blog at the NACADA regional conference.

Turns out, they liked it so much that they’ve asked for an encore presentation at the NACADA national conference in October!  We were voted “Best in the Region” for our presentation — which emphasizes the importance of using internet communications to assist in program development and academic advising, and provides tips, tricks, and proven techniques.

We’re happy to talk about our online appointment scheduler, IMs with advisors, snazzy NewsFlash!, online forms, social media communities, an active (and often entertaining) blog, and more.  We’re especially happy to share our working philosophy of not spamming students with a constant barrage of emails.

We put a lot of thought and hard work  into making things as fun and easy for UHPers as possible; we know our students are well aware of the work our staff do, but it’s nice to have this great opportunity to share our work with academic programs from all over the US.

We also appreciate the opportunity to make GLEE jokes about winning regionals and going on to nationals.