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What It’s Like To Live In West Hall [Honors Housing]

11 Apr

The following post is written by UHP freshman, SPA member, and West Hall resident Dan Grover. —-

One of the biggest challenges about the college process isn’t the applications, it isn’t the essays, or even getting in. It’s figuring out where to go. Hopefully, by reading this, you’ve already settled on GW, (but just in case you haven’t, totally come to GW). Once I’d finally made that choice and let some relief settle in, I was confronted by an even tougher decision: do I choose to live in Honors Housing?

I’m sure I had some of the same fears that you prospective students are having now; will all of my friends be only Honors kids, will I make no friends outside of West Hall, will I be sad all the time on the Vern and so on. After much agonizing, I bit the bullet and went through with Honors Housing.

I don’t regret it for a moment. Continue reading

Coffee and Doughnuts for Privileged Students

1 Apr

On Wednesday, April 3rd privileged registration will open to Honors students.  The wonderful house proctors of West HallMeagan and Val will be distributing coffee and breakfast for you sleepy-eyed students starting at 6:30 AM.  The fact that they are getting up before 7 AM proves that they care.  You can find them outside the elevators on the first floor of West Hall that morning.

National Christmas Tree w/ Prof. Mark Ralkowski

3 Dec

UHPers living in West Hall, join Prof. Mark Ralkowski for a small dinner and a trip to the national Christmas tree (and oversized menorah, and little train village) this Friday!

The plan is to meet at the UHP townhouse at 5:30, eat a meal that Prof. Ralkowski will provide, and then walk to the tree.

Just email Prof. Ralkowski at mralkow@gwu.edu no later than Friday morning so that there’ll be sure to be enough food for you.

In anticipation, you might want to watch this video on repeat.  Seeing a tree is pretty exciting.  (Watch out for one and a half swear words.)