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Walk in Hours at the UHP

16 Jan

It’s start of the semester, and you’ve got questions.  No need for appointments!  Just walk in during walk in hours (9:30am-4:30pm) and ask to meet with Catherine or Liz! Walk ins last through the end of next week.

No appointments necessary or possible, just walk on in.  The last day of walk ins will be Friday, January 27th.

Registration Hold Removal Parties [That Means Food]

14 Mar

Catherine and Liz have the POWER!

It’s time to eat and get your advising holds removed.  Catherine and Liz have the power to remove advising holds for CCAS students, and are also available to give anyone advice and scheduling help.  If you’re planning on getting your advising hold removed by Catherine or Liz, you’ll need to fill out an Advisor Approval Form.

Just show up at one of these three times:

  • Monday, 3/21 @ 2pm in the Club Room (Pizza)
  • Tuesday, 3/22 @ Noon in Thurston (Pizza)
  • Thursday, 3/24 @ 10am in the Club Room (Bagels)

And of course, if you can’t make it during these times, we have walk-in hours going on in the UHP during from March 21st to April 1st.

Walk-In Hours = No Appointments Needed!

26 Oct

Now make like this adorable puppy, and walk in!

Nobody wants to schedule an appointment to talk about scheduling classes.  Scheduling for scheduling?  That sounds terrible.

That’s why at the UHP, you don’t have to! Starting Monday, November 1, just walk on in to our office, and get some much needed advising without the hassle of making an appointment.

A few things to know about walk-in hours:

  1. You have to come during normal office hours. That’s 9am-5pm.  (We leave at 5pm, so unless you really only need a minute, you probably don’t want to show up at 4:59pm.)
  2. You can’t make an appointment during walk-in hours!  It defeats the purpose!  And it’s not fair to your peers.
  3. Walk-in hours don’t last forever.  Walk-ins end Friday, November 12th.  After that, it’s back to making appointments.