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Registration, Scheduling, and Advising Help

30 Oct

The superstorm knocked us out for a couple days, but so long as the University is back up and operational this week, we’ll be back to help you figure out your schedule in time for registration! Here’s what you can do:

1) Email as many of your questions and completed approval forms (for CCAS students to get their holds lifted) as you can! You can email right to Liz or Catherine, or to uhp@gwu.edu.

2) Attend the hold removal/schedule advising bagel party on Wednesday from 10am-12pm in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom.

3) Attend walk-in hours on Thursday, Friday, and Monday (11/1, 11/2, 11/5).  From 10am-4pm on both campuses, walk in for advising.  It’s first come, first served, so come early (and maybe bring some homework to read if you have to wait.)

4) Attend evening walk-in hours in Foggy Bottom from 5-7pm on Wednesday.

5) Make an appointment. Right now, there aren’t any appointments available until Tuesday (11/6).  If you can wait, that’s fine.  Otherwise, check out the three other options above.

Remember, you can always find all of our courses and descriptions at our website here.

Liz has a secret…

24 Oct

And with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time we revealed her hidden past to the kind students of the UHP. Liz is a vampire, and not just any vampire. She is the worst kind of vampire. The kind based on the hit teen novel series by Stephanie Meyer. She speaks in terribly stilted dialogue, is constantly confessing her love for random people/animals/inanimate objects and sparkles in the sunlight. It’s this last point that led to the creation of evening walk-in hours.

Liz loves advising the way Edward loves the girl with the expressionless face.

Come to the UHP on Wednesday from 5-7pm and get after-hours express advising from Liz and the SPA. We recommend bringing garlic and a high tolerance for plot devices.

If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, you can always  make an appointment.

Walk-In Advising at the UHP!

8 Oct

Liz Sutton was once just a little girl with a dream, hoping to one day advise Honors students when they were available, and without an appointment. Today, that dream is finally a reality. She never thought the day would come, the day when a student could visit the Townhouse on Foggy Bottom after hours, from 5-7pm, walk right in and talk to her or a member of the SPA. Questions will be answered! Conversations will be had! And issues will be resolved in a timely manner!

Help make Liz’s lifelong goal more than just a pipe dream. Join hands with the UHP and say, on Wednesday nights, from 5-7pm, yes, we can.

Can’t wait to see you there, all hyped up on UHP patriotism and caffeine.

If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, make sure to make an appointment.

These colors don’t run.

Wednesday Night Walk-ins!

18 Sep

Rob Lowe might literally be there.

Liz is doing Aaron Sorkin-style advising every Wednesday night. Meet with her from 5-7 pm in the Townhouse on Foggy Bottom, walk, talk, and get your questions answered before the elevator doors close.

No appointment necessary, just show up with your questions in hand, and meet with fictional President of the United States Josiah Bartlett-I mean, Liz.

If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, make sure to make an appointment.

Wednesday Night Walk-ins!

5 Sep

Get all your questions answered!

Don’t forget, you can stop by for walk-in advising with Liz every Wednesday night from 5-7pm in the Townhouse at 714 21st Street!

That’s right, no appointment necessary.  Just show up between 5-7pm at our Foggy Bottom answer, ask Liz your questions, and she’ll fulfill the role of being your own personal magic 8 ball.

If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, make sure to make an appointment.