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The Vern: Student Friendly Space

10 Sep

The GW Hatchet weighed in on ways to make the Vern a more student friendly place.  What do you think?

From the article:

If the University wants to encourage more students to take advantage of the Vern, it could emphasize the versatility of its dual-campus model and work to make it attractive, not just for prospective students and freshmen, but for upperclassmen as well.

That editorial goes on to list specific suggestions, like increased dining options and senior dean’s seminars.  It also noted that the recent rebranding effort, which seems to emphasize the Foggy Bottom location, missed out on the opportunity to advance the many benefits of a dual campus model.

The UHP, of course, has offices in both Foggy Bottom and Mt. Vernon, as well as an official living community in West Hall where about 50% of our freshmen choose to live.  We’re making good use of the dual-campus model, and we know there are already many benefits to living and taking classes at MVC.  To name a few:  students who live on the campus get priority registration for any class held on MVC; classes tend to be smaller thanks to there being few massive lecture halls; and the rooms in West (many of which allow you a  private bedroom) are cheaper than the majority of all other upper-classmen residence halls.

What do you think?  Is there more that GW (or even just the UHP) could do to help make the Vern a more student friendly place?  Or do you reject the question out of hand, and say that the Vern already is student friendly?

What’s the Deal with the Dual Campus?

27 Aug

This year, the UHP is spearheading the Dual Campus Model.  What does that mean?

We’re in two places!  We have offices on the Mt. Vernon Campus AND in Foggy Bottom.  Find us at Ames Suite 101 (MVC) or 714 21st Street NW (FoBo).

We tried this approach first.

Just like Dr. Manhattan, we’re in two places!

But not at the same time! (At least not individually.)  For now, you can find Catherine at MVC on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in Foggy Bottom on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Liz will be at MVC on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and in Foggy Bottom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Don’t worry, it’s easily navigable when making an appointment.)

Dr. Lizhuttan

It turned out that photoshopping them blue didn’t actually give them the power to be in two places at once. So, not just like Dr. Manhattan afterall.

Honors faculty live with us now!  Well, they still have homes that they go to (we’re pretty sure), but their offices are now in the same place as staff.  We know, we know: we’re already working on getting a reality-style sitcom deal with pretty much every major network so people can enjoy our dynamic.  We’ll let you know about that too.

We’re hoping for some excellent guest stars.

A Letter to the Editor on Honors Applicant Pool Surge

23 Apr

The Hatchet reported on April 12th, 2012, that the applicant pool to the UHP has surged over the past three years.  In the story was a brief comment from Executive Director Maria Frawley that, without context, seemed a bit confusing.  Maria wrote to the Hatchet to provide the context to the comment in a letter to the editor, but the letter could not be printed.  Her letter is reproduced in full below.  Continue reading

The Fabulous Ames [Good Article]

6 Feb

Today’s Hatchet has an article about the grand opening of the newly renovated Ames Hall on the Mt. Vernon campus.  Ames will be the home of the Mt. Vernon offices for the UHP (though we’ll still be in the Townhouse in Foggy Bottom as well.)  It’s a pretty cool new space, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, at least read the article!

After a $19 million upgrade, the now five-story building boasts 13 classrooms, faculty offices, department space, six private study rooms and a café. The University Writing Program moved into Ames Hall at the start of this semester and the building’s remaining classrooms are used mainly for introductory courses geared toward freshmen.

The Hatchet made an error reporting that the UHP will move the majority of its teaching and living operations to the Vern.  The majority of the Honors freshmen experience will be centered on the Vern.  Origins and some Scientific Reasoning classes will be on the Vern (the two classes required of freshmen UHPers), and optional housing will be offered on the Vern for freshmen as well.  Most upper level courses will still be taught in Foggy Bottom, where the majority of our students are expected to live (including those in the sophomore Honors housing community.)

More on the Vern in the Hatchet

10 Oct
Way better than ants, AMIRITE?

I, for one, welcome our new Honors overlords.

Today’s Hatchet has an editorial that evokes concerns that big changes coming to the Vern will make the campus lose its charm.  Read the whole thing here, and feel free to weigh in!

Do you think that an Honors presence on the Vern will shake things up on GW’s most resort-like campus?