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Save Time With Twitter!

1 May

We know you’re going into finals & don’t have much time, so you should follow us on twitter where everything longer than 140 char’s is cut o ….

See how well that works?  Follow us here.

Spring Tweets!

20 Mar

As the birds return for the spring and you all settle back in after a week away, we’d like to remind you to follow us on Twitter.  It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on all of the post-Spring Break happenings here @theUHP!

Tweets Are In The Air!

13 Feb

This Valentine’s day (remember, that’s tomorrow!), we’re taking our 140 characters and dressing them up. We’re gluing on lace, sprinkling them with glitter, cutting them in the shape of a heart, and signing them with Xs and Os. The great thing about Twitter is that you can have unlimited Valentines! Follow Us so we can share the love with you.

Happy Holidays From @theUHP!

19 Dec

For all of you with Twitter accounts, keep us informed with what you’re doing over winter break. And remember, the UHP has our own Twitter account, too!  Share your fun by including us on any relevant Tweets, uploads, or links you share between now and the upcoming semester. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter so you can get our Honors Program updates as well! Let’s make every UHP tweet like a single Christmas light on a giant, glowing tree of sharing and caring.

Twitter Can Be Tasty!

21 Nov

You probably already know that the Honors Program has a Twitter handle, I mean, we’re pretty much GW internet celebrities around here.  What you might not have known is that Twitter is our go-to place for sharing the news when we wind up with an excess of unexpected food.  Seniors will remember the golden age of Georgetown cupcakes (they seriously came every week for a while.)  While we can’t promise you cupcakes, getting a free treat (if not a Thanksgiving Feast) every once in a while is virtually a guarantee for our most devoted Twitterati.

More seriously though, Twitter is where we go to share quick information fast, ask questions, and generally have fun joking around with students.  So click that follow button! You

know you want to.

If Twitter’s not your thing, we’ve also got a Facebook page and newsletter that provide a similarly condensed take on what we’ve posted recently.