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Check out The Merchant of Venice!

27 Oct

The Merchant of Venice is an Honors course being taught this semester by frequent UHP Professors Leslie Jacobson and Jenna Weissman Joselit, culminating in a performance of the play. Read on for more:

One Last Chance to See Lungs with Prof Grier

5 Oct

If you let us know before Friday at 5pm, we can probably still get a $5 ticket for you to see Lungs at Arena Stage!  Prof. Grier (a former director of the UHP) is taking a group of students to check out the show.  Tickets are normally upwards of $20, so this is a good deal! To make it sweeter, there’ll be an exclusive discussion writer Duncan Macmillan, director Aaron Posner, and some of the cast for after the show.

Come to the UHP office before 5pm on Friday, October 6th with $5 if you still want to go.

Oft-times UHP Professor, and all-times WaPo theater critic Peter Marks wrote this review of Lungs. Here’s an excerpt:

Studio Theatre embarks on an exciting new path with “Lungs,” a bracingly dramatic walk through the thicket of couples communication that proves an auspicious start to the company’s ambitions as midwife to original plays.

The inaugural offering of the Studio Lab series, the world premiere of the two-character play by Duncan Macmillan, is at once beguilingly modest and rewardingly polished. Director Aaron Posner ably guides his actors, the outstanding Brooke Bloom and Ryan King, to charmingly recognizable portrayals of young people convulsed by the conflict between their boundless desires and the realities of an age in which dreams of big things — or dreams of any kind — seem a foolhardy affront to nature.

Recommended Event: Staged Reading of Vanishing Point

31 Aug

Join Horizons Theatre for a free staged reading, as part of the Page-to-Stage Festival at the Kennedy Center, of Vanishing Point, a novel in verse by Jeri Kroll, novelist and poet from Australia, adapted for the stage and directed by Leslie Jacobson, on Monday, Sept. 5th, at 1 p.m. on the Millennium Stage (South). Read on for more: Continue reading

See Richard III [Free!]

21 Apr

The GW Shakespeare Company sends us an invitation to watch their production of Richard III — for free!

You are invited to join us at the GW Shakespeare Company for our radical new interpretation of the Shakespearean masterpiece, Richard III.

Our production will transport you into the sweltering capital of a Caribbean kingdom rife with political tumult, intrigue, and revolution. Queens and Kings, brothers and bastards, spinsters and shadows collide as Richard Gloucester appeals to his worser demons and the kingdom descends into the dark catacombs of the human capacity for evil.

As ever, our tickets are FREE, however printing out your RSVP will guarantee your admittance at www.gwrichardiii.eventbrite.com

Our showtimes are…

Thursday, April 28th
7 pm
10 pm

Friday, April 29th
5 pm


Saturday, April 30th
7 pm
10 pm

What was your most important class?

24 Mar

I ran across this great blog post by way of Lifehacker.  The Lifehacker synposis:

Political Science student Brendan Pickering discusses how, despite his low expectations for it and no relation to his area of study, his university’s theater class was the most important class he ever took.

I’ve definitely heard students make the complaint “but you’re making me take a class I don’t need to take!” before — which is sort of a comical sounding complaint in the first place.  But more often than not, students end up glad they took something that broadened their horizons a little bit.  So — in your experience, what has been the most important class you’ve ever taken?  Ever been surprised at how fantastic a class “you didn’t even need to take!” has turned out to be?

You can read the full 2-part article here.