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Television, Pizza, and Political Beliefs [SURE Stories]

13 May
Kara Dunford, performing research.

Kara Dunford, performing research.

This post is written by UHP student and SURE Award winner Kara Dunford.

Television viewers across the country need little more than a remote to explore life inside our nation’s political arena, as writers for series such as The West Wing, Veep, and most recently, House of Cards present their own imagined political realities via scripted programming. Continue reading

Making Climate Change Real [SURE Stories]

23 Apr

–This post is written by Valerie Rodden and Allison Paisner, UHP students and SURE Award winner–

Allison and Valerie placing the carbon dioxide sensor into the climate light house in Prof. Miller's lab.

Neither of us imagined that we would be actively working to combat climate change through the creation and installation of a carbon dioxide sensing device on our campus in the fall of our freshman year. We signed up for the course, Making Climate Change Real, because we have a genuine interest in the changing climate and wanted to learn more about the effects that human activity has on the environment. We accurately predicted that through this course we would learn all about climate change, greenhouse gases, and global warming, but we didn’t gather this information from a textbook or a lecture. Instead, we gained this knowledge from intensive research, class discussions and hands on data gathering through the creation of a carbon dioxide sensing post. Continue reading