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Summer Arts & Humanities w/ Prof. Ralkowski

11 Apr

If you’re looking for a class this summer, you can take Prof. Ralkowski Being and Time.  You can register for summer classes during your regular registration times.  We’ve got the full details for the course below — including when it meets, what it counts for, and how long it lasts.

Summer courses like this occur over a condensed period of time, so they’re a great option if you’re feeling pinched schedule wise, and they can free up class slots for you during the regular school year.

Also, they’re a great way to convince mom and dad to help you stay in DC for the summer!

Being and Time – Prof. Mark Ralkowski  Continue reading

Summer Opportunity – Study with Professor Shepherd in China!

5 Dec

Interested in doing something unique, exciting, and educational this summer? Check out this opportunity from the Elliott School and UHP Professor Robert Shepherd:

Summer Field Program:
Heritage, Tourism, and Development on China’s Ethnic Frontiers
June 10th – July 1st, 2012

This program takes GW students into the field to experience firsthand the development
challenges faced by state authorities, community leaders, and regular citizens in the
interior regions of the People’s Republic of China. As part of a national campaign
to ‘Go West’, Chinese authorities have promoted tourism and heritage projects as
development tools in marginalized minority areas. The purpose of this program is to
learn about these projects and their impact on citizens by traveling overland through
the Tibetan cultural frontier area of historic Amdo and Kham.

After arriving in China we will spend five days in Beijing, where we will visit cultural
sites in and around the city such as the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, and
the Dongtian Daoist Temple complex. During this time we will also visit the National
Minorities University for a discussion of state ethnic policies, and Beijing International
Studies University, for a discussion on tourism policies and objectives. After traveling by
train to Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province in Northwest China, we will travel overland
through the Amdo and Kham regions of historic Tibet. Our first stop will be the Tibetan
pilgrimage town of Xiahe, site of Labrang Monastery, a key intellectual center for the
Gelukpa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. We will then continue by road to the monastery
town of Taksen Lhamo (Chinese Langmusi), located along the Gansu-Sichuan border
on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, and then to Jiuzhaigou National Park, in Northern
Sichuan province. From Jiuzhaigou we will fly to Xian, the former capital of the Tang
Dynasty and site of the Terra-Cotta warrior museum. Our trip will conclude with a return
journey to Beijing by train.

Over the course of this three-week field study students will interact with Chinese
tourism and heritage scholars, local Tibetan and Han Chinese business owners, Tibetan
pilgrims and nomads, and Chinese students. In keeping with the focus of the program,
our overland trip will be arranged and hosted by Nomad Travel, a Tibetan-run agency
located in Xiahe, Gansu province.

The total fee for this program is $5,432.This includes GWU tuition ($3,679) for three
credits), train (soft sleeper class) and air travel within China, all accommodations, site
visits, admission fees, travel insurance and most meals. Parts of this journey will be at
elevations of 3,000 to 3,500 meters (10,000-12,000 feet), so good health is a must.

The program will be led by Robert Shepherd, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and
International Affairs. For more information, feel free to email him at rshepher@gwu.edu
or stop by his office in the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, Suite 503, 1957 E Street.

Travel in cultural Tibet this summer!

12 Jan
Would you like to experience travel in cultural Tibet this summer? Consider this short-term abroad program:

Ethnicity, Identity and Social Change on China’s Cultural Frontiers
May 23rd – June 11th, 2010

This one credit field research program focuses on the status of minority peoples in Mainland China during the country’s ongoing social, economic, and cultural changes. It gives you a chance to visit Beijing, travel by train to Gansu Province in China’s Northwest, and then experience ten days of overland adventure traveling through the Kham and Amdo regions of cultural Tibet. We will visit Buddhist pilgrimmage towns, the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, and Jiuzhaigou National Park, before ending our journey at Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. The group will return to Beijing by air and students will depart for the USA on Friday, June 11th.

A field research fee of approximately $2,,240 covers all lodging in China, local transportation in Beijing and in the field, rail and flight tickets within the country, admission fees to cultural sites, most meals, supplementary insurance, and all costs associated with the overland travel package.

For further information contact: Dr. Robert Shepherd at rshepher@gwu.edu or visit http://chinaborderlands.blogspot.com/