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Freshmen: Small Group Advising!

18 Mar

Now that spring break is over, jump back into things by signing up for a freshmen small group! They happen in a hurry, so don’t miss out. Continue reading

Freshmen Registration, Holds, Study Abroad….

5 Mar

If you haven’t signed up for a freshmen small group yet, hop to it!  Continue reading

Freshmen: Small Group Advising!

22 Feb

It’s time again for small group meetings! Freshmen will meet with Catherine and Liz to go over the pressing matters of these hectic times. (Hint: these hectic times feel a lot less hectic when you know what’s going on, so make sure to sign up for a small group!)

The topics:

  • Registration
  • Remaining Honors requirements (Trust us, you need to hear this!)
  • Study Abroad
  • HOW and WHERE to get your advising or major declaration hold removed!

Join us before or after spring break, but don’t wait! Registration is lurking just ’round the corner.

Register here for

Wednesday, March 6th 9:30am, 11:30am, or 2:30pm in the Club Room at 714 21st St (Foggy Bottom)


Thursday March 21st, 11am or 2:30pm; Friday March 22nd, 1pm or 3pm