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Win $500 from the Eckles Prize!

2 May
Consider the Eckles Prize for Freshman Research Excellence!    This annual prize recognizes freshmen who produce research that demonstrates significant and meaningful use of the the University’s library services and collections.
All first year students are encouraged to submit a research project of any length or format from any class that reflects their best work of the year along with an essay summarizing how they used library resources to complete the project. Top Prize is a $500 gift card!  
Don’t miss out!  The deadline is May 15.

Help A UHPer: Watch TV, Get Pizza

28 Mar

Help a UHPer with her senior thesis and you could win a Kindle Fire HD 16GB tablet!

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UHPer Doing Research? Who are you?!

15 Feb
This is how we feel.  We feel deeply about it.

This is how we feel. We feel deeply about it.

If you’re a UHPer that won a SURE Award, doing independent research, a research assistant, or otherwise doing research, let us know!

It’s a quick form just so we know what’s up.  What will we use it for? NOT SPAM! We swear.  There are occasional opportunities for researchers, and if those opportunities are a good match for what you’re doing, we want to make sure you know about them.

So, let us know!

Research Art w/ Prof. von Barghahn-Calvetti [Paid Research Assistant Opp]

22 Jan

As a Faculty Fellow, Prof. Barbara von Barghahn-Calvetti has a budget of up to $1,000 to pay a student research assistant for this semester!  If you’re interested in doing exciting academic work (and getting paid to do it), please contact the professor directly here: bvb@gwu.edu.

You’d be assisting with:

1) a possible exhibition on the artist Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo, a disciple of the famous Spanish master Diego Velazquez;

2) ongoing research on the Hapsburg Archduchesses of Belgium and their acquisition of tapestries;

3) early Jesuit artists/missionaries in colonial Peru;

4) reconstruction of palace interiors (Adobe Photoshop)

Of course, you’d receive  credit/acknowledgment in any future product to which you contributed. No knowledge of art history is needed, just a love of exploration.

National Defense University seeks Interns

15 Nov

The National Defense University is a program committed to providing research and training simulations to government officials which prepare those officials for problems they face in every day activities.  The National Defense University is seeking an intern to research under Dr. Stephen Bowles starting in January 2013.  The intern will work with Dr. Bowles researching couples’ resilience, leadership, deployment psychology, and mind-body research.


  • College junior, senior, or graduate student
  • Maintained a 3.5 GPA
  • Can work 16 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours a week during the summer
  • Strong writing and oral communication skills
  • Can commit to a 6 month internship (1 year is preferred)


  • Writing literature reviews, articles, etc.
  • Preparing journal publication submissions
  • Coordinating articles with co-authors
  • Organizing paperwork and files
  • Data analysis
  • Responsible for internet operations, recruiting and scheduling participants, providing consent forms, administering psychological tests, operating interview audio recording equipment.