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UHPers in Holocaust Memory Course [GWHatchet]

16 Apr

Take a look at this article over at the GW Hatchet about Honors students in Prof. Walter Reich’s “Holocaust Memory” course, and the body of work they have produced which is on display now.

From the article:

Undergraduates in the honors international affairs class Holocaust and Memory pieced together letters, timelines, telegrams and dreary, black-and-white photographs to dive inside the life of a Holocaust survivor. The exhibit opened last week.

“It is personalizing an event which is almost incomprehensible – which is really incomprehensible – the Holocaust,” Reich, a former director of the Holocaust Museum, said. “One of the things that can be learned is think of all the people who didn’t survive and what they could have contributed to the world.”

Read the whole article here.

Prof. Reich in the NYTimes [Good Article]

21 Oct

Check out Prof. Reich’s op-ed in the New York Times this week, where he comments on the recent release of Israeli Sargeant Gilad Shalit.

My head told me that by giving in to Hamas’s demand for a thousand prisoners in exchange for Sergeant Shalit, Israel would encourage more abductions and free terrorists who would almost surely murder many more Israelis. But my heart told me that these bereft parents deserved all the support they could get. In the end, my heart won and I walked up to the tent, signed the petition and gave a donation.

I knew I’d done wrong.

See the full article for more.