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RealClimateGW [SURE Stories]

7 May

–This post is written by UHP students and SURE Award winners Alec Nadeau, Emilia Totzeva,Colleen Tan, and Sameer Aggarwal.

Emilia Totzeva, Alec Nadeau, Sameer Agarwal, and Colleen Tan

The team members of RealClimateGW that have been focused on creating a kiosk have progressed a long way since we received the SURE Award in February of this year.

The kiosk itself, intended to create greater awareness of our efforts to build a more climate conscious community, consists of a programmed IPad mounted in a form of kiosk. At the time of our grant application we had already built a functional and appealing website, but we felt like we needed a way to get our message to the GW student body more effectively. We therefore have already refined an IPad program that will allow us to display an adapted version of our website, with some bonus features, in a way that can catch the attention of the casual passerby and keep that person informed on the local status of Climate Change. Continue reading

Ch-ch-ch-changes in climate

17 Apr

Join RealClimateGW this Friday from 3-5pm  in the UHP Club Room as they display the project they have been working on in Houston Miller’s class all year.

The students in this Scientific Reasoning and Discovery class have built a Carbon Dioxide Sensor post to display real time data of the carbon dioxide concentration in the air around the GW campus. The sensor will also have an interactive screen for visitors of the post to learn more about climate change and its significance.

Come on out from 3 to 5pm to explore the reality that is climate change!