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Congrats to Strasser Winners! [Prize]

24 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Strasser Writing Prize!  Your papers were chosen by a faculty committee as the most exemplary work in the Honors Program this year!

Along with bragging rights, winners also receive a $100 gift card.  Runners up receive a $50 gift card.  Come by the UHP office any time during regular hours to claim your prize (and don’t forget your GWorld!)

Winner: Evin Feldman
-Paper Title: On the Defense of Emotions
Runner Up: Shira Hereld
-Paper Title: The Philosopher V

Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
Winner: Elizabeth Nelson
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper–A Review of Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future by Robert Bryce
Runner Up: Michelle Stuhlmacher
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper

Self and Society
Winner: Hunter Scott
-Paper Title: Race, Medicine, and Public Health: African American Experience
Runner Up: Khadija Lalani
-Paper Title: How does Ethnocentrism influence interpretations of veiling in Islamic cultures?

Arts and Humanities
Winner: Tanvir Ahmed
-Paper Title: Every Day is ‘Ashura, and Every Land is Karbala
Runner Up: Penina Smith
-Paper Title: Superheroes, Clay Men, and Synagogues: A Study of Jewish Separatism and Assimilation

UHP’s Most Wanted: Lil’ Franny Dee

19 Mar

For Immediate Release:

Students of the UHP are on the look out for a suspect known as Lil’ Franny Dee.

Lil’ Franny Dee is a small, black and white owl which shows up in UHP publications.

The UHP is offering a reward to the first person who spots her in a new publication.  Please keep reading for more details…

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Win Something from the UHP [Easy!]

21 Nov

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that you can win a small gift card from the UHP just for spotting a small, black-and-white owl in any of our publications!

That’s right, just keep a look out for Lil’ Franny Dee!

If you spot her, you can win a $10 giftcard.

Here’s how to win:

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Spot Lil’ Franny Dee to Win Money [Seriously, Easy!]

19 Sep
Franny Dee!

This is Franny Dee. Lil' Franny Dee look just like this, but she's black & white. And she's lil'.

Are you familiar with a little black-and white image of our favorite owl, Franny Dee?

That’s Lil’ Franny Dee!

If you spot her, you can win a $10 giftcard.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Look for Lil’ Franny Dee in UHP content (she’s a little owl, and is always black and white).
  2. When you see her, go to our Facebook page.
  3. Be the first to post “I Saw Lil’ Franny Dee in ____________!” on our wall. Make sure to include where you saw her, so we know you’re not just really, really, slow about reading the NewsFlash or something.
  4. The same person can’t win twice in a row.

Lil’ Franny Dee could show up anywhere from in the text of the NewsFlash! to blog posts to photobombing pictures.  Keep your eyes peeled and you can win!

Junior Women: Win $20,000

20 Apr

The UHP got the following message this week — it looks like a great opportunity to win some major buckaroos just for being your awesome selves.  So glam it up and take a look!

Glamour magazine would love to invite your students to apply for our 2012 Top 10 College Women Competition. The contest is open to any woman who will be a full-time junior at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada for the 2011-2012 academic year.

We’re looking for dynamic young women with leadership experience, excellent grades and inspiring goals. We’ll award one grand prize of $20,000 and nine $3,000 prizes. All winners will receive a trip to New York City and recognition in Glamour.

Students can read more and apply on our website: http://www.glamour.com/about/top-10-college-women

Early deadline for applications: July 15, 2011.