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UHPers in Poli Sci Newsletter!

19 Dec

Check out Adam Bethke and Dan Horning on page 6 of the Poli Sci newsletter!  Screen cap below, and link to the full pdf here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 4.08.25 PM

What’s Up Alum? – Ryan Pevnick

6 Dec

Ryan Pevnick, UHP/CCAS '03

Ryan Pevnick ’03 graduated from the University Honors Program with a major in Political Science.  Ryan is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at New York University where he teaches courses both in the history of political thought and contemporary democratic theory.  His book, Immigration and the Constraints of Justice, was published earlier this year by Cambridge University Press.

I came to GW with some vague interests in journalism and politics.  A bit over a decade later, I find myself teaching political theory at NYU – an urban university in many ways similar to GW.  While this is not an outcome I could have anticipated (or even conceived), it did grow out of a series of experiences – some predictably cliché, some idiosyncratic and fortuitous – that came together at GW. Continue reading

UHP Student Advisor – Carson Miller

20 Apr

Carson Miller, CCAS 13

Carson Miller
CCAS ’13 – Political Science
Cincinnati, OH

Hello UHPers! My name is Carson Miller and I am a sophomore in the Columbian College majoring in Political Science.  I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, home of wonderful cuisine and mediocre professional sports.  Outside of studying the inner workings of political institutions, I periodically sign my life away to a few student theater productions with 14th Grade, intern on political campaigns and on Capitol Hill, and write for the GW Hatchet if there is any left over time.  My unofficial life includes playing a variety of instruments, food, and tourist watching on the National Mall.  The single greatest part of the Honors Program has to be the time, both in and out of class, that you get to spend with professors.  Only an honors freshman could be recognized on the street by a professor to continue class discussion or even just catch up.

Advising Areas: Political Science majors, balancing extracurricular activities and Honors, finding internships, academic challenges, how to cook without burning your kitchen or dorm down.

UHP Student Advisor – Adam Weiner

22 Mar

Adam Weiner, CCAS '11

Adam Weiner
CCAS’11 –  Political Science major, Religion minor
Arlington Heights, IL

Hello, my name is Adam Weiner and I’m a senior in Columbian majoring in Political Science and minoring in Religion. I’m from a Chicago suburb but because of family connections and travel I support sports teams from Green Bay, New York, Chicago, DC and Marseille, France (where I spent my junior year). In addition to sports, I’m a devoted lover of movies, geography, The Economist, cities, Sporcle, rankings and lists. My favorite parts of the Honors program are the small, discussion-based classes, professors who both know me and care about my learning experience and the bonds I’ve formed with other Honors students. Free food is pretty nice, too.

Advising areas: Political science/religion academic interests, study abroad, finding/performing/balancing internships (campaigns, non-profits, government), study habits

Meet the New UHP Blog Contributor – Carly

10 Mar

Hello world!

I’m Carly Gibbs, one of the new student writers for the UHP blog, and I’m following in Jenna’s footsteps with a little “about me” post. I’ve lived in a small town known as Munster, Indiana for almost my entire life (it’s an interesting conversation piece at GW, where I’ve met exactly one other person from Indiana and several people who seemed to think I lived near Colorado). I have a general idea of what I want to do with my life-which, at the moment, consists of majoring in History and possibly going on to law school. I might also declare a second major in Political Science and a minor in Biology if I ever get around to filling out certain forms. More importantly to all of you, I’m a UHP student (and currently enrolled in a whopping TWO Honors classes at the moment) and know what it’s like to be a part of the GW Honors Program.

I’ve lived in Honors Housing for both my years here (and will definitely miss it next year!), taken Honors classes, visited the Honors advisers, and taken advantage of free food in the Honors building. Since I’ve experienced a lot (of mostly good things) as a student in the Honors program, I figured I might as well do my part to relay to all of you out there what life can be like as an Honors student at GW. That’s my job now, to use my writing powers and blogging privilege for good and write exciting tales detailing some of the things that happen here at the GW Honors Program. Huzzah!

Note: I desperately searched for a decent picture of myself to post and came up with this. I’m not normally this shifty-looking (ask any of my friends), but look at the background. Jefferson Memorial! Tidal Basin! DC!