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Darwin, Evolution and Cancer [Recommended Event]

6 Apr

Are Satellites Attacking the Earth? [Prof. Kung says…]

12 Oct

After hearing some news reports that yet another satellite was going to crash somewhere on our big blue planet, I had a few questions that only our very own Prof.  Kung could answer — I happen to know for a fact that there are satellites out there that send text messages to her (no joke), so I thought she might have the inside scoop.

I wanted to know why satellites were attacking the earth and what we could do about it.  Keep reading to find out the answers to these burning questions.

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Physics is People, Too [Awesome New UHPer Blog]

17 Jun

UHPer Brandon Minor started a blog this summer that you should all definitely check out. He’s right in noting that a lot of people claim that they don’t like “science” / think it’s useless / don’t understand the point of learning.  He’s even more right in noting that most of those people are missing out on something magnificent and profound.  Of course, if you’ve always said you’re just “not a science person,” don’t worry, you don’t  have to miss out anymore.  From his blog:

Well, I have come up with some rebuttals. You see, in all of its supposed complication and intricacy, Physics is nothing more than the science of change. And, as many of us have experienced first-hand, change happens all the time; anyone who notices this is already a type of scientist. Just like the world around us, change itself is ever-changing, you could say.
Or not. I probably wouldn’t, it’s a strange turn of phrase. But you understand.
The goal of this blog is to share with you, dear reader, my sense of wonder and, more importantly, the reason why I’m a scientist. Most teachers fail to put the science in context, which is 100% of the fun. I’ll even admit, the fact that a ball goes up and down is not exciting in itself; anyone who took basic physics in high school will tell you that. Yet it was the idea that prompted Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and hundreds of other great minds to think long and hard about what makes the world go ‘round (in several cases, literally) and transform our universe from one of chance to one of intricate order, from one of blind faith to one of incredible utility.
We highly encourage you to check out his blog, follow it with your RSS readers and enjoy.  Keep it up, Brandon!