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What’s Up Alum? – Ryan Pevnick

6 Dec

Ryan Pevnick, UHP/CCAS '03

Ryan Pevnick ’03 graduated from the University Honors Program with a major in Political Science.  Ryan is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at New York University where he teaches courses both in the history of political thought and contemporary democratic theory.  His book, Immigration and the Constraints of Justice, was published earlier this year by Cambridge University Press.

I came to GW with some vague interests in journalism and politics.  A bit over a decade later, I find myself teaching political theory at NYU – an urban university in many ways similar to GW.  While this is not an outcome I could have anticipated (or even conceived), it did grow out of a series of experiences – some predictably cliché, some idiosyncratic and fortuitous – that came together at GW. Continue reading

What’s Up Alum? – Emma Geller

7 Apr


Emma Geller, CCAS ’10

Emma Geller, CCAS ’10, graduated from the University Honors Program summa cum laude and is currently pursuing her PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

It wasn’t until right before the start of my senior year that I seriously considered going to graduate school.  I have always been passionate about education reform, and assumed that after college I would go into a teaching program like Teach For America.  In fact, I was basically dead set on that idea until the summer between junior and senior year when I realized that maybe it wasn’t the path for me.  At GW I felt a lot of pressure to apply to “socially responsible” programs like TFA, Americorps, or the Peace Corps, and graduate school seemed like a kind of selfish option.  Plus, it was hard for me to imagine exactly what graduate school is like.  After taking a long and serious look at my strengths, weaknesses, and passions, I decided to apply to a handful of programs and see what might happen. I am currently attending UCLA for a PhD in cognitive psychology.  What I’d like to communicate in this post are some of the surprising things I learned about grad school and what kind of benefit it can have on both you and your community.

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