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UHPer Josh Tallis in Oman

27 Sep

This semester I am studying abroad in Muscat, Oman. Many of you may be thinking, where in the world is that?! You’re not alone. Oman is a relatively small country, with an even smaller population, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Yemen to the south, Saudi Arabia to the west, the UAE to the north and Iran by sea to the east. It is a land of modernity and tradition blending and colliding, a land with one of the world’s most advanced desalination plants and a Bedouin population that continues to believe in the power of genies to control waterfalls. I am studying political culture and economic development, living with a native host family and all around having a great time! If you’re interested in Arabian living, the Arabic language, Islamic studies or international affairs, this is certainly a good place to be. To follow my exploits you’re more than welcome to read my blog at: joshingabroad.blogspot.com