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Come to the Science Open House Tomorrow at the UHP!

8 Dec

Check out Prof. Houston Miller’s Scientific Reasoning and Discovery class tomorrow (Friday) from 12:30 to 2:30 in the UHP Club Room as they present the progress they’ve made so far this year on investigating climate change from Washington DC.  Find out more about their work at their official class website: http://realclimategw.org/

See you tomorrow at the open house!

UHPers Featured at Planet Forward Film Festival!

21 Dec

Congrats to Prof. Houston Miller’s freshman science course, whose Vitalgae project was featured in the winning video at the Planet Forward Film Festival!

That’s awesome!

You can watch the video below, and read more about it here.  Pay special attention right around the 2-minute mark!  Awesome!

Freshmen Course Opportunities (and Origins Time Change)

18 Nov

Hey Freshmen!

As you finish ironing out your schedules, make sure to give a special look at the following courses. Note the time change to one of our Origins sections.  If you’d like a closer relationship with your professor or a smaller class size, many of these sections are worth your consideration!


TIME CHANGE: Ideals of Modernity with Prof. Biagio Tassone
– HONR 1016:14

Professor Tassone’s Origins course section 14 has moved to Wednesday nights from 5:10pm to 7:00pm.  For a smaller class size and more intimate course, consider switching to this section at its new time!


AVAILABLE SEATS: Revelations in Astronomy with Prof. Bethany Cobb
-HONR 1034:11

Explore the history and frontiers of modern astronomy with the only UHP Professor who gets text messages from a satellite!  There are still spots available for this class, which meets Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 10:50am.

ONLINE AVAILABILITY: Vitalage: a Biofuels Start Up Company with Prof. Houston Miller – HONR 1034:13

You can now register for this course online – no RTF required!  Harness the power of algae to produce fuel, and see if you can harness market forces to aid in your success.  Because this course is more of a research laboratory than a lecture, only mature, self-motivated students who can work in teams should register.

AVAILABLE SEATS: The Science of Terrorism with Prof. Laura Eisen – HONR 1030:MV

Meeting Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am-1:30pm on the Vern, this class tackles the dangerous problems at the intersection of science and terrorism.  Smallpox, radioactive isotopes, unconventional weapons, and the answers to airport security rules await!

SCIENCE ALTERNATIVE: Honors General Chemistry II with Prof. Martin Zysmilich – HONR 2175:13

Pre-med, Engineering, Chemistry, Bio, and other science-minded folks take note!  This class fulfills your UHP science requirement and more.  This Honors Eligible Science Alternative is designed for students with science specific requirements.