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The Physics of Rock Climbing!

7 May
Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing...

Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing…

The following post is written by UHPer and SPA member Kerry Lanzo —

My freshman year in the UHP, Professor Kung taught me Einstein’s theory of relativity. On Saturday, she revealed a different talent to four UHPers for a thrilling new type of professorial experience: rock climbing. Through three hours of Professor Kung’s (and company’s) patient belaying, there was a lot of falling, forearm fatigue, awkward bending (or stretching), and in some cases, muscular challenges that most classes in the UHP don’t require. We learned that some hand-holds really are not as nice as they look, and when in doubt, to forget the color of the course you are trying to follow and just grab anything you can that looks friendly to finish the wall. But it was worth the pain for some great photo ops from the top of the wall, a run-in with the Death Staror an end-of-the-day treat of Girl Scout Cookies and the chance to see our very own professor make a 5.10b course look easy.

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Live Life on the (L)edge!

22 Apr


Professor Kung is taking a lucky group of UHP-ers ROCK-CLIMBING at Earth Treks in Rockville, Maryland on Saturday, May 4!

Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to study. Kerry Lanzo will be leading a group from the Townhouse in Foggy Bottom at 10am, to return by 1:30pm, and you can leave early if you need (it’s right up the red line). The cost is $22 for entry for the day, and $11 for the materials. It’ll be well worth it to get some exercise, de-stress, and hang out with one of UHP’s coolest faculty members.

To RSVP, please send an e-mail to the uhp@gwu.edu account. The group will most likely cap at 5 or 6 to keep it small, but we’re flexible!

Kung, Rollberg, Zysmilich Course Time Changes (Fall 2012)

27 Mar

If you were looking at a course with Prof. Kung, Prof. Rollberg, or Prof. Zysmilich for fall 2012, please take note of the following schedule changes:

Prof. Kung’s Self & Society (HONR 2047:10) will meet on Wednesdays Mondays from 3:30pm-6pm

Prof. Kung’s Scientific Reasoning and Discovery (HONR 1033:10) will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-10:50am.

Prof. Rollberg’s Capstone Course (HONR 4199:10/11) will meet on Tuesdays from 5:10pm-7pm.

Prof. Zysmilich’s Chemistry Lab (HONR 1033:M30) will meet on Thursdays from 2pm-6pm.

As always, you can find the complete list of UHP course descriptions at our website.

Exclusive Lunch with Prof. Kung and Prof. Trevor Pinch

14 Feb

Act fast! There are just a handful of seats available for UHPers!  Full details are below, but here’s the twitter-fied rundown: RSVP fast, read a Scientific American article, have lunch and interesting convo w/ Profs Pinch and Kung!

Lunch with Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Trevor Pinch
Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: noon – 1pm
Location: TBD

To Attend: Send an email to Prof. Kung at bcobb(at)gwu.edu

Deadline to RSVP – Tuesday, February 21st at 5pm

As you may be aware, the UHP is hosting a 3-day visit by Dr. Trevor Pinch, a sociologist from Cornell who specializes in issues of science and technology.  At lunch, we will have an informal discussion with Dr. Pinch about the social nature of science and technology.  Dr. Pinch wrote a text called “Confronting nature: the sociology of solar-neutrino detection” about the solar neutrino problem, an issue that plagued physics and astronomy for many years and we will use this example as a springboard for our discussion.  To that end, students attending the lunch will be asked to read a Scientific American article about the history of the solar neutrino problem.

Check out Jupiter w/ Prof. Kung

28 Nov

Look at Jupiter before it looks at you!

Professor Kung will be testing out her new telescope by observing Jupiter on Tuesday, Nov 29th (6:45-7:30pm) [cloud/rain date: Thursday, Dec 1st (6:45-7:30pm)].

She’ll  sett up the telescope in the middle of University Yard and show off Jupiter to anyone in her astronomy class who wants to see the planet – or anyone who walks by!

Stop by University Yard for 10 minutes to see the big Never-Ending Gobstopper in the sky on Tuesday (or Thursday, if rainy) this week!