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After Graduation: Want to be a Teacher?

29 Nov

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

Capital Teaching Residency is a teacher training program located in Washington DC that seeks college graduates who are interested in long-term careers in teaching and education and have a passion for working with underserved populations.  The program was created through a partnership between KIPP DC and another high-performing DC charter school, E.L. Haynes.

Knowing how critical teachers are when it comes to student success, the program trains outstanding individuals to become skilled educators through a year of residency in which they experience intensive professional development, consistent work with an excellent mentor teacher, and daily practice perfecting their skills in a real classroom. After completing their residency, CTR graduates serve as lead teachers in their own classrooms the following two years.

Find information about the CTR program online: www.capitalteachingresidency.org.

The second deadline to apply is January 20, 2011. Capital Teaching Residency looks forward to receiving your application!