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Why not call it “Pizz-AH”? [SURE Stories]

11 Apr

—This post is written by UHPer and SURE Award winner Katherine Winters.—

Makin' Science

Katherine Winters, with her research assistant.

Most people know that a noun is a person, place, or thing. Not everyone knows that most of a child’s first 50 words are nouns: foods, animals, body parts, names, toys, and vehicles. As children begin to build their vocabularies they constantly receive linguistic input from their family, teachers, and neighbors. Each of these speech examples is characterized by different phonological patterns with various accents, pronunciation or stress patterns, and speech styles. Somehow, children determine a standard phonological form that they apply to their own speech production and reject all competing forms. 

My research stems from this question: how do children choose their phonological forms? Continue reading