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Free Trip to the Newseum [SPA Event]

30 Jan


Join SPA members Breanna Browne and Jess Burnell as they adventure to the Newseum. Meet them along with Liz and Professor Ralkowski on Friday, Feburary 8th @ 1:00pm  at the Honors Townhouse to walk over to the Newseum. Tickets are normally $17.95 for students, so seize the opportunity to go for free! Click HERE to sign up.

Is that technically a pun?

What’s up, alum? – Clayton McCleskey

19 Nov

This is pretty cool!  Clayton is one of our very own UHP alums who have gone out to do something really cool.  He’s in Germany right now, with a Fulbright Scholarship, no less.

GW Today has a full write up of his story, and it’s definitely worth a read.  FTA:

Journalists are used to tight deadlines and tracking down stories, but for Clayton McCleskey, B.A.’09, it’s a little more complicated than that. Mr. McCleskey is currently living in Germany and writing about international topics for the opinion pages of The Dallas Morning News in Texas. The logistics can be difficult and the days long — with the seven hour time difference, Mr. McCleskey’s editors begin contacting him after his workday ends —but the Dallas native is grateful for the opportunity.

Check out the whole thing here.