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What’s Up Alum? – Estee Gabel

19 Feb
Estee Gabel (Left)

Estee Gabel (Left)

This post is written by Mollie Breger, North American Manager of Ma’ase Olam about UHP alum Estee Gabel. Estee graduated from the University Honors Program in 2012 with a bachelor’s in International Affairs and Philosophy in 2012.  She was also a member of the Student Peer Advisors (SPA) with the UHP.

Estee Gabel is an Israel Teaching Fellow at the Ben Gurion Elementary school in Rehovot, Israel. Ma’ase Olam’s Israel Teaching Fellows is a joint 10-month service-learning program for college graduates and Israelis ages 21-30 where fellows volunteer as English teachers’ aides in an elementary or middle school in Rehovot. Estee works with 3rd-6th graders, helping to make English interesting, and exposing the students to a native speaker.

Originally from Rockville Centre, NY, Estee graduated The George Washington University with majors in International Affairs and Philosophy. “After I graduated, I knew I wanted to be in Israel, and I wanted a structured program. I started looking into different volunteer opportunities, and when I found Ma’a’se Olam, it seemed right.”  Continue reading

Prof. Reich in the NYTimes [Good Article]

21 Oct

Check out Prof. Reich’s op-ed in the New York Times this week, where he comments on the recent release of Israeli Sargeant Gilad Shalit.

My head told me that by giving in to Hamas’s demand for a thousand prisoners in exchange for Sergeant Shalit, Israel would encourage more abductions and free terrorists who would almost surely murder many more Israelis. But my heart told me that these bereft parents deserved all the support they could get. In the end, my heart won and I walked up to the tent, signed the petition and gave a donation.

I knew I’d done wrong.

See the full article for more.

Conflicts in Israeli Feminism and the Question of Palestine

18 Feb

Here’s another event UHP students in particular might be interested in attending.  College life and DC in general can often seem like living in a bubble — or maybe a snowglobe — but don’t forget that there’s a whole wide world out there.  Even if a topic like this looks a bit overwhelming at first, remember that you’re UHP!  (Here’s a hint, for extra points with your profs, tell them you’re going to this and invite them.)

Conflicts in Israeli Feminism and the Question of Palestine by Smadar Lavie, Associate Professor of Studies in Women and Gender, University of Virginia

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Lindner Family Commons, Room 602
1957 E Street, NW

Professor Lavie explores the conflicts inside Israeli feminist movements. What is largely known outside Israel, and in English as “Israeli feminism” is the feminism of the minority European-Jewish elite. It bears little or no appeal to the grassroots — the Mizrahi (“eastern,” Hebrew) majority of Israeli women who are of Middle Eastern origins. Most Mizrahi communities vote for right-wing parties partially because left-wing parties are associated with the Ashkenazi elite. The deep commitment of the general Mizrahi population to Zionist ideology places Mizrahi feminists, critical of Ashkenazi Zionism, in a predicament.

Reception following; RSVP Here

Sponsored by the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) Program & the Global Women’s Forum of the Elliott School of International Affairs

The George Washington University