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UHP Student Advisor – Isabella Black

29 Apr

Isabella Black CCAS '13

Isabella Black
CCAS ’13 – Chemistry/Forensics
Melrose, MA

Hi!  My name is Isabella Black and I am a sophomore majoring in Chemistry/Forensics in the Columbian College.  I am in a five year BS/MS Forensic Chemistry Program at GW.  Originally, I am from Melrose, MA, which is about twenty minutes from Boston.  I am proud to say that I am actually the first one ever to apply to and go to GW from my high school.  When I am not sitting in Gelman with my head in a chemistry, physics, or biology book, I spend my time researching hookworm in GW’s Department of Microbiology and Tropical Medicine and pledging for Alpha Chi Sigma.  You can also most likely find me working out at the gym or playing the piano in the practice rooms in the Music Department.  However, if you really need to find me then come to Starbucks because 99.9% of the time you will see me there (I have a “slight” addiction to caffeine).  On the weekends I like to unwind from the chaos of being a chemistry major and go out with my friends, watch movies, and explore DC.  What I love most about the Honors Program are the interesting courses that are offered and the small sizes of the classes.  The smaller sizes of the Honors classes along with amazing professors who are exceptionally gifted in their fields serve to create a learning experience that usually cannot be found in a large college lecture.

Advising Areas: Science majors; balancing science requirements with honors requirements; managing both science and honors; adjusting to demanding curriculum; time management.