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UHP Goes Hockey

10 Dec

(This post is written by Christine Foltz, Honors Student Extraordinaire)

Last Thursday, the GW Honors program attended the Caps game against the Florida Panthers.  I’ve always loved hockey (ever since watching the Mighty Ducks), but never had a chance to watch or head to a game.  So I decided that attending a game with the GW UHP would be ideal.  I feel the only word to describe the evening is awesome.  It was the perfect sports experience.  It was dollar dog night, so of course I bought two in anticipation of the exciting game.  The UHP even procured hats for everyone who went, which I and the rest of the students proudly wore for the rest of the night.  As the lights dimmed before the game my excitement peaked, and with help from veteran Caps fan, Jordana, I was able to catch onto the ins and outs of the game in no time.  Although I usually find getting into the emotion of a sports game difficult, standing and cheering for the Caps after every score (all six of them) and groaning or shouting at every missed shot and squabble came easily.  I was especially entertained by the many fan traditions – the famous fan who made and plays his own horn at every game stands out in my mind.  The JumboTrons supplied endless entertainment (as if the game wasn’t enough) and the many mini-competitions held for fans were hilarious.  Our own Jordana won the dance competition…again.  The sheer energy and enthusiasm of the fans was enough to make a new viewer like me feel involved and welcome.  That’s not to mention the huge scrolling banner welcoming the GW UHP.  I think I can speak for all the Honors students who attended when I say “C-A-P-S, Let’s Go Caps!!”