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Honors Symposium: US Foreign Policy Under Barack Obama

24 Feb

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Save the date: March 11. We have a really exciting program for this year’s symposium in the works and hope that many in the UHP community can attend – a panel discussion on current US foreign policy with Professors Henry Nau (Elliott School), Lawrence Wilkerson (George Washington University, New America Foundation), and Peter Beinart (New America Foundation).
Date and Time: Thursday, March 11 at 7PM.
Elliott School Room Room 113.

NewsFlash! Issue 19

5 Feb


Strasser Honors Writing Competition
The Strasser Writing Prizes (named for the founding director of the University Honors Program) are awarded every year for the best papers on any subject submitted in a course by an honors student, and graded, during the last year – spring semester ’09, fall semester ’09 and the first few weeks of this semester. Please note: the class does NOT have to have been an honors class. A prize of $100 will be awarded to the winner in each category.

Any form of written work is welcome. The categories this year are: Academic writing, including research papers, essays, analysis, commentary; Creative works, including short stories, poems; UW20 papers either from last year or this past fall semester.

The rules governing the competition are as follows:  The student must be a member of the Honors Program; the paper must have been submitted for a grade during the last year as defined above; the student may review and further edit the returned and graded paper prior to submission; the paper may be submitted in any format and electronically as long as it includes the author’s name and contact information, is double-spaced, 12-point font.

All entries should be submitted to the Strasser Prize Committee at the Foggy Bottom Honors office, 714 21st Street or emailed to uhp@gwu.edu.  If hand-delivered to the office, please ask for a date-stamped receipt.  Deadline for entries is Monday, March 1. Any questions may be emailed to Ms. Eydie Costantino, Administrative Coordinator of the University Honors Program, at eydie@gwu.edu.

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