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UHP Student Advisor – Calder Stembel

19 Apr

Calder Stembel, CCAS 11

Calder Stembel
CCAS ’11 – Dramatic Literature
Haverford, PA

Hi! My name is Calder Stembel and I am one of only two seniors at GW majoring in dramatic literature. I originally hail from Haverford, Pennsylvania but the IRS considers me a DC resident. For the past four years I’ve volunteered for Camp Kesem GW, a free summer camp for the children of cancer patients, and since 2009 I’ve worked for the Columbian College as a technology project analyst. I’m a member of Phi Beta Kappa and I plan to stay at GW for graduate school in higher education administration. My other hobbies include watching plays and films, being clever, and mishearing the lyrics to popular songs.

Advising Areas: Columbian College; workstudy jobs; theatre and English majors; navigating GW; running a student organization; public service activities; pursuing graduate school at GW; local restaurants