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Undergraduate Research Award for UHP Students

28 Oct

I’m writing to share wonderful news about a new program designed to promote research opportunities for University Honors Program students. Thanks to a very generous endowment from GWU professors Carol and Lee Sigelman, the honors program is the recipient of funding that will be allocated to UHP students through a program designated “The UHP/SURE Awards” (SURE standing for Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement). For this first cycle of support, funds will be available to support research activities conducted during the spring, summer, and/or fall semesters of 2011. Students can apply for grants in support of their research up to the amount of $500.

The attached announcement explains in more detail the intention and purpose of the awards, and I have also attached the proposal form to be used if you would like to apply for an award. In the meantime, please join me in thanking Professor Carol Sigelman for the generosity that she and her late husband, Professor Lee Sigelman, have shown in dedicating these funds to support research opportunities for University Honors Program students. We truly appreciate it!

-Maria Frawley

UHP SURE Application 2011

UHP Sure Award announcement