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24 Apr

We’re not trying to say the world revolves around you. We’re very pro-heliocentricity. But! You can join us on Google+ to share your (undoubtedly brilliant) ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and banter with us. In exchange, we’ll give you important dates, deadlines, information about internships, jobs, meals, and other cool stuff. Good deal all around, huh?  Check it out here!

Join Us On Google+

3 Apr

Come get information and share cool stuff with us on Google+.

If the bright colors don’t make you want to, nothing will.

What Kind Of Spring Break Would It Be Without The UHP On Google+?

6 Mar

Easy access to  important information AND all of your Honors friends and colleagues just in time for Spring Break?!?  What’s not to like?  Add us to your circle(s) in Google+ now to ensure that you’re all set for spring break!  Because it wouldn’t be the same without it…


Collaborate With Us On Google+!

6 Feb

Here at the UHP, we’re all about collaborating, sharing important information, and spreading great ideas.  That’s why we’ve got a Google+ page!  You should consider joining us and sharing some of your ideas.

Make Sure To Add Us On Google+!

9 Jan

If you’re going to share it with them, share it with us too!

Chances are, if you have Google+, you’re sharing something with someone, so make sure you don’t forget to share with us too!  The Honors Program has a Google+ page where we post important dates, great events, and unique opportunities!  Make sure to add us to your circle(s) so that you don’t miss out!