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Addicted to Books? [Good Article]

1 Feb

Check out this post from Michael Dirda as he talks about the problems of a particular kind of addiction — books! Are you one of those notorious book hoarders too?

From the American Scholar article:

Now this is bad, very bad. These days I can hardly step away from this desk and not find myself gravitating to a used-book store and pulling out my credit card. I can almost always justify my purchases as sensible, reasonable courses of action. All addicts do this.

Incidentally, Michael Dirda will be visiting GWU soon for his UHP-sponsored talk on Sherlock Holmes.

James Joyce Loved ….. Cats [Good Article]

9 Nov

Loved cats. Not so sure about Danes.

Why do cats rule the Internet? Probably because people who love to write also inexplicably love cats.  Likewise, cats love to write (or they would if they could.  They certainly love keyboards.)

The UHP of course, takes every opportunity to use pictures of cats online — but did you know that some pretty famous writers share our infatuation?

Turns out that James Joyce wrote a charming letter to his grandson in 1936 that has recently been published as a short story.  Guess what the story features prominently: cats.

Check out the full article over at BrainPickings to read more about it, and see the whimsical illustrations that accompany the story.

Applications Rise for UHP [Good Article]

13 Apr

If you haven’t seen this article in The Hatchet yet, check it out!

From the article:

“This is a vehicle for attracting some student[s] who might go to an Ivy,” Lerman said. “It gives an alternative for GW to present them with what might, in some ways, be a better educational experience because of its small scale that they may not get [at] an Ivy League university.”

The UHP has always offered the best of both worlds to our students: a bustling urban research university, and a close-knit community of intellectual rigor.  And the dual campus model perfectly reflects this coveted experience.

Each year, GWU attracts an increasingly competitive pool of applicants, and more and more of them are taking notice of the great opportunities the UHP offers.  The result: the UHP gets more and more applicants each year and is becoming increasingly selective.  This year, we had around 2700 students apply for about 125 spots in the freshman class.

I, Pencil [Good Article]

14 Feb

The idea that technology is a social construction isn’t exactly new — a really fun exploration of the idea can be found with the piece “I, Pencil.”  You can read the full thing here, and an excerpt below.

I, Pencil, simple though I appear to be, merit your wonder and awe, a claim I shall attempt to prove. In fact, if you can understand me—no, that’s too much to ask of anyone—if you can become aware of the miraculousness which I symbolize, you can help save the freedom mankind is so unhappily losing. I have a profound lesson to teach. And I can teach this lesson better than can an automobile or an airplane or a mechanical dishwasher because—well, because I am seemingly so simple.

Simple? Yet, not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me. This sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Especially when it is realized that there are about one and one-half billion of my kind produced in the U.S.A. each year.

If you’re interested in this concept, then you’ll want to join the UHP and PBK in meeting Trevor Pinch on February 23rd.  You can find out more info about Trevor Pinch’s public reception and discussion here.

Check out the UHP in GWToday! [Good Article]

21 Nov

Here’s a good article that I can’t wait to share!  There’s a great “inside the UHP” slice of life scoop in GWToday, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should really do so now!

From the article

When Ms. Kaplan learned she had a few open elective spots for her last semester, she immediately looked at the honors courses.

“I know that the professor will be incredible and invested in my learning, my peers will be engaged, and that I will remember the class five, 10 and 20 years from now,” she said.

The program doesn’t only focus on the students’ academic development. The small honors courses that allow students to get to know each other help to pave the way for communication outside the classroom. The honors program townhouse, located at 714 21st St. NW, is a place where students can relax, talk and study, and freshmen also have the option to live in honors housing together.

Aw shucks, guys.  You’re making us blush!