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An Easy New Years Resolution: Like Us on Facebook!

4 Jan

There are so many different New Years Resolutions to choose from. Why not make it easy on yourself and pick one that’s quick AND easy to accomplish? Just “Like” the UHP on Facebook. You’ll benefit from getting updates, seeing awesome photos of your friends, and further integrating the coolness  of the UHP into your everyday life. No situps or study sessions required (though you can still do them if you want). Like the UHP on Facebook, finish your Resolution in under 5 minutes and relax for the rest of the year… Awesome.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Basket...


21 Dec

Just to be clear, he's sitting on a park bench reading the UHP blog. Park Bench. UHP Blog.

Do you have an RSS reader on your computer or smart phone? Then you can subscribe to this blog and make it a part of your daily feed. Think how wonderful it will be to see a post from the UHP appear on your reader, telling you about all of the great things happening here in the Honors Program. It gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it… so Subscribe today!

Spread Holiday Cheer on Facebook

7 Dec

Yes, Virginia, Santa does have a Facebook profile.

Rumor has it everyone who follows the UHP on Facebook will automatically get on Santa’s “Nice” list. Again, just a rumor, BUT…

The UHP’s Facebook page is full of the Spirit of the Season, no matter what season you may personally choose to spirit. It’s where you’ll find photos of all our seasonal parties, too! So stay in touch with your Honors Program friends over the long winter break by following us on Facebook. It will be like giving a present to yourself.

What’s Going On Here (At the UHP)?

16 Nov


Some pretty unusual things happen here at the UHP. Unique classes, visiting speakers, and free food events are just a few of the many opportunities our students get. You may already read the blog to stay on top of our current topics, but make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed as well! If anything strange, wacky, or interesting comes up you’ll be one of the first to know.

Fit Us Into your Facebook Routine

2 Nov

You check your Facebook morning, noon, and night. On the couch, in bed, and in class. On your phone, on your laptop, or even on the work computer! You probably use Facebook more than your toothbrush. So why not make following the UHP page part of your daily Facebook regimen? Our page is where you’ll find up-to-the-minute news stories as well as all of the great things you already expect from Facebook: walls, status updates, photos, things to “Like”, etc. All geared for UHP students!

So follow us on Facebook now and have one more page to look at before you start that Statistics homework…

The average US citizen now spends more time on Face than Google or Yahoo!