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Free Flu Shots

24 Sep

GW wants to stick you!  And even better, they’re not going to charge you for it.

That’s right, there are going to be free flu shots from the University for all GW Faculty, Staff, and Students.

For more info, you could probably just check your email, or you can click here.  Here are the dates and locations:

Thursday, September 24
Marvin Center, Continental Ballroom, 11am – 3pm

Tuesday, September 29
Ivory Tower, Residential Lobby, 3pm – 6pm

Thursday, October 1
Thurston Hall, TV Lounge, 3pm – 6pm

Wednesday, October 7
Marvin Center, Grand Ballroom, 12pm – 4pm

Thursday, October 8
Mount Vernon Campus, Ames Pub, 11am – 2pm

Remember, these shots will help protect you against the regular old flu, not H1N1 (that vaccine isn’t available anywhere yet).  So this doesn’t mean that you can stop washing your hands and start dipping your germ covered fingers into community bowls of nuts/candy/whatevs.  Still, please go get a shot. They’re free.  If you’re scared, bring a friend to hold your hand, it will be okay.  We don’t want all our UHPers to be sniffling, sneezing, and sick.