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The Physics of Rock Climbing!

7 May
Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing...

Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing…

The following post is written by UHPer and SPA member Kerry Lanzo —

My freshman year in the UHP, Professor Kung taught me Einstein’s theory of relativity. On Saturday, she revealed a different talent to four UHPers for a thrilling new type of professorial experience: rock climbing. Through three hours of Professor Kung’s (and company’s) patient belaying, there was a lot of falling, forearm fatigue, awkward bending (or stretching), and in some cases, muscular challenges that most classes in the UHP don’t require. We learned that some hand-holds really are not as nice as they look, and when in doubt, to forget the color of the course you are trying to follow and just grab anything you can that looks friendly to finish the wall. But it was worth the pain for some great photo ops from the top of the wall, a run-in with the Death Staror an end-of-the-day treat of Girl Scout Cookies and the chance to see our very own professor make a 5.10b course look easy.

More pics below.  Continue reading

Super Study Hours Continue in UHP Townhouse

18 Dec

The complete schedule is here.  We’ll have our doors open through the end of the week.  So come by, get your study on, and have a snack!

Don’t Worry, It’s Not the Alpacalypse [Sherpa]

10 Dec
Sherpa, the sherpa

Sherpa, the sherpa

A Young Scholar Writes:

Dear Sherpa,

I have a really tough finals schedule, and all of them will make or break my grade! (i.e. determine an A or A-). I’m getting completely overwhelmed thinking about all my tests and papers at the same time. How do I make sure I’m putting enough time into studying for/writing all of them?

Freshman Fearing Failing at Finals

Dear F.f.f.a.f.,

I felt the same way when I saved the world from a complete Alpacalypse. I was the leader of a team commissioned to destroy a large asteroid headed toward the planet. I recruited my old friends Bruce and Ben and we set off for the great endeavor.  Continue reading

Freshmen Small Groups Round III

31 Oct

We’ve got two full weeks of walk-in advising ahead of us, but it’s already time to start looking ahead and planning out the rest of the semester (and finding out about awesome events and opportunities in the UHP).

That’s right, it’s Round III of the Freshmen Small Groups!  These are the last sessions of the semester, with only a couple planned for the Spring, so you don’t want to miss it!

We’ll be discussing:

  • Registration review
  • Finals
  • Course evaluations
  • Research opportunities
  • Upcoming Honors events
  • Learning styles assessment

Before you come, make sure to complete this learning style assessment and print out your results.

As always, you can register online for the most convenient time.  But do it now, you busy, busy people, because spots always fill up quickly.

Small Groups will meet during the week of November 14th – specific days and times are available at the online registration page.  Sign up now!

Final Distraction II

5 May

You’ve had two days to explore the universe, so you’re probably ready for something new already.  Well I’ve got it!  And by new, I mean old.  Old school, that is.

Check out the Geocities-izer, a site that makes any site look like it was designed by a 13 year old girl in 1998.  It’s great to play with while listening to the LFO – Summer Girls station on Pandora.

Click to Try out the Geocities-izer

I particularly like how the UHP blog get’s an animated pegasus gif. Maybe I should add that for real?