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Enroll America Summer Fellowship Program [Internship]

24 Apr

Enroll America’s Summer Fellowship Program will offer a chance to be a part of a national campaign to maximize the number of Americans who sign up for the new health insurance options made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Fellowships are available in the following departments: Policy, Operations, Organizing, Analytics/Data, Digital, Partner Outreach, and Constituency Engagement.

Fellows will have a chance to learn the tactics and strategies used to build a national campaign from the grassroots up. We’re looking for self-motivated leaders who want to learn all facets of a campaign, from data to communications to policy. The Summer Fellowship is an unpaid, volunteer program. Candidates must be dedicated to the mission of maximizing health insurance exchange enrollment through empirically measuring success across the country. Positions available in DC and in states across the country.

Apply Here: http://www.getcoveredamerica.org/page/s/want-to-be-a-get-covered-america-fellow-

Applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis.

Liz Nelson, Off to England!

22 Feb

Our own Liz Nelson writes in to tell us that through the Pembroke Fellowship Program, she’ll be spending next year in England!  She writes:

I’ll be studying abroad at the University of Oxford, Pembroke College for the academic year reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).  I don’t know what tutorials I’ll be taking yet, but they only do two per semester (with three terms per year), so I’d better choose wisely!  Tutorials are the primary mode of instruction at Oxford, and have only 2-4 students.

Applications for next year are due at the beginning of November, so if any freshmen are even considering it, it’s important to be on top of things and apply!  I’d definitely be willing to talk to anyone who’s interested about the application process (and I’m sure I’ll talk everyone’s ear off about the experience itself once I get back).

Congrats!  Make sure to send us a postcard!


Dunn Fellowship for August 2013 Appointment

19 Nov

Become a PAF

12 Sep

Being a Presidential Administrative Fellow has a lot of benefits.  Give back to GW, and get tuition for your grad degree are among them.  Check it out and apply!

UHPers Dominate Rice, Gamow, and Provost/OVPR Research Prizes!

30 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the George Gamow, Luther Rice and Provost/OVPR research prizes! Honors students made up 22% of the winners of these prestigious awards, while the UHP makes up less than 5% of the total student population at GW.

UHPers Adam Bethke and Michelle Kuhn received the Provost/ OVPR Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

UHPers Madison Boggs, Alexandra Kralick, Julia Wagner and Hannah Wendling were selected for the Gamow Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. The Gamow provides funding to undergraduates who submit a proposal with a faculty member to conduct research, scholarship or creative activity.

UHPers Jeremy Barr, Jeffrey Messina, Josh Rivers and Paul Seltzer won the Luther Rice Collaborative Fellowship, which requires a significant, focused examination of an idea or an area of inquiry. The research should result in work that could merit presentation or publication in a scholarly venue.

Also, congratulations to the five UHP freshman whose writings on the summer reading, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, were chosen for the anthology. Kevin Frey, Shira Herald, Jacob Learned, Michelle Stuhlmacher and Brooke Talbot were among 16 freshman chosen to have their responses published. If you’d like to read their pieces, we have a copy in the townhouse for your perusal!