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Coo-KIES, Conferences, and the SURE Award [SURE Stories]

10 May


Seattle – home of notable Starbucks, Nordstrom, and the awe-inspiring Costco – is also the home of my research début at the 2013 SRCD Biennial Meeting. The UHP/SURE award partially funded my travel expenses for this three-day conference with professionals in the field of child development research. With the help of two of my professors in the Speech and Hearing Science Department, Dr. Francys Subiaul and Dr. Cynthia Core, I submitted my Independent Study research as a poster presentation for the conference and was fortunate enough to be selected. Continue reading

Writing Hollywood [SURE Stories]

8 May

Jacob Garber and Prof. Phalen working together.

The following post is written by UHP student Jacob Garber, who received a UHP SURE award for research in Spring 2013. —

Hollywood TV is created behind the closed doors of the writers’ room. The writing staff brings life to comedies and dramas alike, yet the operation of these writers is largely unexplored. I am assisting Professor Phalen conduct an in-depth study of Hollywood writers, venturing into the writers’ room, exploring the relationship between the writer and the program, and tracing the history of TV writing from its roots in radio and stage performances. We hope to provide a holistic view of TV writers, from professional microculture to their larger role in the Hollywood system.  Continue reading

Capital Climate Initiative Open House [Event]

2 May

The George Washington University Honors Program would like to cordially invite you to the open house of the Capital Climate Initiative. On May 3rd, from 10:30 am to noon, the students will be presenting their special topic final presentations on different aspects of Climate Change at the Honors Club Room. The purpose of our endeavor is to raise awareness and educate the local community on climate change and an individual’s impact on the global community. Topics will range from Climate Science to Sustainable Technology and Behavior, and you will have the opportunity to view, first-hand, what we have accomplished this year: our website (http://wiki.chem.gwu.edu/CapitalClimateInitiative/), and two versions of our CO2 sensors. (A standalone sensor that communicates with our website and a second, held within a miniature Washington Monument, that also indicates to local users the concentration visually.)

We welcome questions regarding the technology used, the measurements themselves, and the climate science context of the results.

Study Hours in the UHP

30 Apr
Here's one of the more horrifying conceptions of "brain food" that we could find.

Here’s one of the more horrifying conceptions of “brain food” that we could find.

Avoid the crowded rooms in Gelman, the noise of your roommates, and the distractions of the bustling world during finals season.  Starting Thursday, Honors students can study in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom!

Students use the upstairs Club Room optionally as a group study, while the basement is always quiet study.  And don’t forget — studying makes you hungry, so we’ll provide plenty of brain food (snacks and coffee) to help you power through!

Most weekdays it’s 9am-10pm, weekends 12pm-10pm with only the following exceptions:  Continue reading

Baby William’s Book Tasting: Curious George and the Puppies

29 Apr
will george tasting

Alright, let’s read.

As a member of the UHP’s intellectual community, junior program officer William Chandler offers book recommendations beyond your syllabi.

Fans and followers of my book reviews can breathe a sigh of relief – Curious George gets better!  I recently stomped and chewed on “Curious George and the Puppies Lap Edition” and enjoyed it thoroughly for its storytelling and its structural integrity.

Continue reading