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Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!

14 May

The UHP is proud to congratulate the class of 2013 for their amazing achievement!  At this year’s ceremonies, Alex Zafran will be the student speaker for commencement on the National Mall, while Paul Seltzer and Adam Bethke will both be speaking at the CCAS Celebrations.

We’re so proud of your accomplishments and hope that you’ll keep us up-to-date on your future achievements!  Big things are in store for you, and if you ever want to share your stories with UHP students you can drop us a line any time.  And yes, we will be emailing you soon as OFFICIAL ALUMNI! Keep an eye out for us, stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and once again…..



Congrats to Strasser Winners! [Prize]

24 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Strasser Writing Prize!  Your papers were chosen by a faculty committee as the most exemplary work in the Honors Program this year!

Along with bragging rights, winners also receive a $100 gift card.  Runners up receive a $50 gift card.  Come by the UHP office any time during regular hours to claim your prize (and don’t forget your GWorld!)

Winner: Evin Feldman
-Paper Title: On the Defense of Emotions
Runner Up: Shira Hereld
-Paper Title: The Philosopher V

Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
Winner: Elizabeth Nelson
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper–A Review of Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future by Robert Bryce
Runner Up: Michelle Stuhlmacher
-Paper Title: Energy Term Paper

Self and Society
Winner: Hunter Scott
-Paper Title: Race, Medicine, and Public Health: African American Experience
Runner Up: Khadija Lalani
-Paper Title: How does Ethnocentrism influence interpretations of veiling in Islamic cultures?

Arts and Humanities
Winner: Tanvir Ahmed
-Paper Title: Every Day is ‘Ashura, and Every Land is Karbala
Runner Up: Penina Smith
-Paper Title: Superheroes, Clay Men, and Synagogues: A Study of Jewish Separatism and Assimilation

Congrats to Eydie for the GW Award!

16 May

Eydie Costantino at GW Commencement, 2011

A big congratulations to our very own Eydie Costantino for being awarded the prestigious GW Award at this year’s commencement!

GWToday mentioned it in their coverage of this year’s events:

Dr. Lerman paid tribute to the winners of the 2011 GW Award, one of the highest honors the university can bestow. This year’s awardees were Michael King, professor of chemistry and department chair; Eydie Costantino, assistant director, finance and administration for the University Honors Program; Corbb O’Connor, B.A. ’10; and James Isom, former executive director of the University Police Department.

You can watch the video of it below. (Jump to about 49 minutes in!)

Congrats to Rice and Gamow Winners!

10 May

Congratulations to the UHP winners of the Luther Rice Fellowship and Gamow awards!  Thanks to these bright students, about one-quarter of all Rice and Gamow awards at GW this year went to UHP students.  If you’re not familiar with these awards, they’re both prestigious and difficult to attain.  Students use the award to do some exciting research — and a few have written in to let us know exactly what they’ll be up to.  Keep reading to catch up on all the awesomeness: Continue reading

Congrats to Our Grads!

17 May

Congratulations to the 2009-2010 graduates of the University Honors Program at The George Washington University!

“My very favorite class. I know that class discussions continued in the dorm long into the night, resulting in class rapport and cohesion and in terrific subsequent class discussions. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with members of the 2010 class, and I wish them all productive careers and adventurous and happy lives. I shall miss their shining intelligence and their warm and inspiring company.” – Professor Cheryl Vann

Your class has the distinction of being the final torch bearers of the original Honors Program curriculum. Over the past 4 years, you have succeeded where others have not, and you alone bear the title of Honors Graduates for the 2009-2010 academic year.

“This class has proven to be not only intelligent but intellectually curious; desiring challenge in and knowledge from everything they pursue. I am grateful to have been able to teach, befriend, and learn from the Honors class of 2010 and I look forward to years of updates as they navigate graduate programs, explore the world, and tackle life’s challenges.” – Professor Lynette Osborne

As Freshmen, many of you were housed in the Potomac House for its inaugural year, and as Sophomores you may have lived in Munson. During your time at GW, you witnessed the change of a US President, a University President, and 3 directors of the Honors Program. You met Jordana Schwartz and goodbye to Jordana Cole, and learned to adjust to Catherine Brady changing into Catherine Chandler. The Honors Program Office opened its doors for study hours during finals, and you filled our rooms while we provided hot cocoa, coffee and more. We had 8 Student-Faculty dinners together, took 4 trips to hike in the mountains, and chatted with world renowned leaders in topics that included “Peak Oil and the Energy Crisis,” political satire, “Race, Sex, and the American Presidency,” democracy in Dakar, and more in our Symposium Series.

You used our townhouse the way it was meant to be used. We helped you navigate through your majors, your classes, and all the various twists and turns of college life at GW. After all that, we know you are prepared to take on this next chapter of your life. We will miss you, and hope you choose to stay in touch with us through Facebook, check in with us on our blog, and maybe stop in for a cup of coffee the next time you’re in the neighborhood.

“I’ll always remember the brave among you who courageously tackled Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment in our Frankfurt School seminar. And I’ll smile fondly and deeply, thinking of those who went on to devour Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra the very next semester. You were a brave bunch, a strong class-and the world will be a better place thanks to your wisdom and vision. We will miss you.” – Professor William Winstead

2010 Grads

2010 Grads

About Your Class

Class Size: 79

Half of you have employment opportunities offered to you at graduation, and about 1/6 of your class will soon start on service or Fellowship work.

33% will be immediately embarking on further education.

57% plan to seek higher education in the future.