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Want to get more involved with the UHP?

24 Jan

You’re in luck – we’re looking for our next batch of Student Peer Advisors!

Student Peer Advisors (SPA) are dedicated to serving the UHP community by assisting fellow UHP students, meeting prospective students, and representing the UHP as a whole. If you’re interested in leadership opportunities, events, and more UHP quality time, consider applying to become a SPA! SPA members help fellow students with course selection, conflict resolution, time management and extracurriculars as well as provide a student perspective of the UHP to prospective students and parents.

New applicants should use this form

Returner applicants should use this form

Think you’re interested? Make sure to apply soon! The application deadline is Friday, February 8th at 5:00pm. Applications should be submitted by email to uhpspa@gwu.edu with the subject line “SPA Application.” Please forward all questions regarding the application process to Eleanor Aldous (ealdous@gwmail.gwu.edu.). Decisions will be announced on March 4th.


TV’s Best Comedy [SPA Event]

23 Jan

Excited for the fourth season of Community?! Your SPA is as well! Join Penina and Kayleigh on February 7th (aka October 19th) at 8pm sharp in their room, Ivory 313, to rejoice over the return of TV’s best comedy. There will be popcorn and felt goatees! (This is the darkest blog post.)

Honors Freshmen to be Housed in Thurston [Again!]

25 Feb

This year was a first for freshmen UHPers living in Honors Housing: they’re in Thurston.  Our community housing got moved from Lafayette Hall due to renovations and set in Thurston instead.

Despite concerns in The Hatchet and around campus, UHP housing in Thurston was a great success (as we predicted).

So great, in fact, that we’re set for another year of it.  That’s right, for the second year in a row, next year’s UHP Freshmen will have the option to live in Honors Housing in Thurston Hall!

Work for GW as House Staff!

19 Nov

We sent this out in the NewsFlash! today, but I wanted to highlight this opportunity here too.  We’ve had quite few Honors students in the past work for housing, and they’ve always enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s a great way to really get involved with GW (seriously, you make tons of friends and get paid for it)  but it can also be a great chance to get involved in the UHP community too.  They’re specifically looking right now for Honors students to work in Honors housing communities!  Hiring for these jobs is always competitive, (but hey, you’re Honors students!) so make sure to apply if you’re interested.


Strong candidates are sought who want to get involved in the residence halls and gain significant leadership skills from the position. A variety of candidates for all of our positions are being sought, but there’s special interest in candidates that would be a good person to work with the various Honors communities in both our first-year and second-year buildings.  Are you a good candidate to be House staff or to be House staff working with the Honors communities? Then apply!

All students interested in applying should go to http://living.gwu.edu/jobs/HouseStaffRecruitment/ to fill out the online application. The deadline for applications is December 6, 2009. Contact Jeff Llewellyn at jllewell@gwu.edu with any questions.

Help a DC School (and a UHP alum)

19 Aug

Here’s your chance to make a difference.  A UHP alum will be teaching in a school that could use use some help from the community.  They need books, games, supplies, and more.  Read Naama Wrightman’s message below for the full story.

As many of you know I will be teaching in a high-need school in Washington DC this year. I have found a placement teaching 4th grade at Browne Education Campus in Northeast DC.

Browne serves grades Pre-K-8 in a low-income community. Its student body is 100% black. This past spring the incoming 4th grade scored 18% proficient in reading and 13% proficient in math, compared to DC Public Schools averages of 47% and 44% respectively, on the DC CAS (standardized test used in grades 3-8,10).

This year Browne will have a new principal and many new teachers and staff members. The first day of school for students is August 24th. I am expecting to have between 20-24 students. I am very much looking forward to joining the Browne community and having a meaningful and productive school year! Here’s what you can do to help:

1.    As a Title I school funding for supplies is extremely limited. Any donations are welcome. Suggestions for things to send include (but are not limited to): pencils, markers, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, rulers, compasses, folders, binders, notebooks, index cards, sheet protectors, sentence strips, printer paper, scrap paper, colored paper, and calculators.
2.    Age appropriate educational games or activities. We will gladly use these at our centers.
3.    Any used or new books for grades 2-6. This is very important. The library at Browne is very limited and the classrooms are the major sources of books for the students to read. Books that have been sitting in your garage/basement are welcome additions to our classroom library! Series are especially welcome.
4.    Sponsorship for a special project like a class subscription to Time or National Geographic for Kids, a class set of novels, or a new series for our classroom library. Please contact me if you are interested in something like this!
5.    Your good thoughts and well-wishes for me and my students!

Any one of the things listed above would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance for your support! Please feel free to pass along this information to your friends or family who might be interested in helping.

To find out where to send any materials, or just for more information, email Naama.