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Choose Your Own Adventure: The 4-Year Plan

30 Sep

You’re the Star! 879 Thrilling Endings! Will you double major in Political Science and Spanish? Or will you study abroad for a year and minor in Jazz Studies? As you navigate through GW’s course selection and options for majors and minors, remember that your 4-year plan is entirely dependent on what you want. Which direction will you choose? Whether you want to graduate in three years, study abroad twice, take on five different minors or give the premed requirements a shot, turn to none other than your SPA. 

In addition to completing a 4-year plan (or two, or three…) already, Student Peer Advisors have experience crafting their 4-year plans into living documents that detail their academic goals. If you need any help organizing or brainstorming for your own plan, don’t hesitate to contact the SPA paired with your Origins class or email the SPA account at uhpspa@gwu.edu.

In the meantime, check out this example from UHPer Jenny Hamilton. If excel isn’t your style, try color-coding. UHPers love color-coding. If all else fails, show up to your 4-year plan advising appointment with an interpretive dance. I’m sure Liz would love that.

Four Year PlanFour Year Plan Continued

Note: I am not responsible for any interpretive dance choreography. Consider this a lesson in skepticism.