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Roadtrip TONIGHT 7-9PM! [SPA Event]

20 Feb

Reasons why YOU should attend tonight’s SPA ROADTRIP:

1. There’s nothing like free burritos to bring people together.


2. Wednesday is a great day for comfort food, especially when it’s free and prepared for you


3. You can meet our SPA, UHP overachievers just like you to help with your #honorsproblems


4. Or, you can bond with the SPA that relate to your procrastination style


5. You may get to see this face*


Come to the UHP Townhouse tonight from 7-9pm for free food, SPA advising, and the chance to win eternal happiness by breaking the piñata!

*William will not be in attendance – babies and burritos don’t mix. Also, he has plans with the Obamas.


12 Oct

What’s the best way to celebrate finishing midterms or to escape the ones you still have?  BURRITOS!  The UHP is taking over Chiptole on Thursday, October 18thMeet SPAs Eleanor and Shailly at the Hippo (outside of Lisner, H and 21st streets) at 6:30 pm and we’ll all walk over together.  GET EXCITED!