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Prof. Wood Produces Encyclopedia w/ UHPer Help

12 Oct

This is awesome.

Prof. Bernard Wood edited the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Human Evolution that came out over the summer. The book includes some entries that started life as writing projects in his Honors class and several honors students are mentioned in the acknowledgments.

Prof. Wood is a University Professor of Human Origins and Professor of Evolutionary Anatomy who regularly teaches for the UHP.  The encyclopedia includes the names of Vadim Berg, Sarah Cassel, Bryanne Colby, Catherine Denial, Alnawaz Devani, Eileen Le Guillou, Bryan Pratt, Safia Razzuqi, Courtney Snell, SIdney Vazquez, and Julian Waller.

Great work guys!  This is yet another example of how UHPers do great things with amazing professors.  The UHP is very proud of you all.

Greetings From Panama! – Summer Student Checkin

26 Jul

UHP sophomore Bryan Pratt emailed last week with a few pictures and an update on his summer work and travels.

I have been interning in Panama with the United Nations Development Programme Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean  (UNDP RCLAC). I’ll be here until August 2nd.  The pictures included are of the views from a friend’s apartment building in Panama City,  and me inside the ruins of the tower of a church from the first settlement of Panama City (Pacific Coast) looking toward the current metropolis…