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Walk-in Hours at the UHP Start Next Week!

24 Aug

It’s that time of year again!

Advising walk-in hours will be in the UHP townhouse for the next two weeks (that’s August 29th through September 9th).

During walk-in hours, it’s totally impossible to make an appointment.  Appointments would defeat the purpose of walk-in hours.  That is, appointments and walk-in hours are like oil and water; like cats and dogs; like Harry and Voldemort.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Walk in to the office and ask to meet with Liz or Catherine.

Step 2) Meet with one of them.

Remember, our office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Make Appointments Online

25 Jan

(That's not Lil' Franny Dee. That's BIG Franny Dee)

That’s right! You can make an appointment to speak with Liz or Catherine easily by going online!

You can quickly see their availability and select a time that works for you.  Fill out the few questions and you’re set!  We’ll send you a confirmation email, and even a reminder email the day before.  Awesome right?!

You can make an appointment by going to our website and clicking on the owl (Franny Dee!) or by clicking on the image in this post.

Last Week of Walk-in Advising!

17 Jan

The End is Coming...

This is the last week to walk-in and speak with an advisor without an appointment!   It’s the final countdown!

Coincidentally, this is also the last week of open-registration.  Get help figuring out the classes you need or want, and get all those other pesky problems out of the way to start the semester off right!

Put the final touches on your schedule, get a little wisdom, and do it whenever you feel like it!  That’s right, it’s walk-ins. (For a limited time only.)

P.S. Remember that we’re closed today.  Happy MLK JR Day!

Walk-ins Over! Back to Appointments!

15 Nov
The End

That's All, Folks!

That wraps it up for walk-in hours. They’re officially over.

That means no more coming in on a whim and saying “Can I meet with an advisor?”  Instead, you’ll have to make an appointment.

No worries though!  Making an appointment is super easy, and you can do it online right now!

Walk-in Before You Register!

4 Nov

Here's how you do it!

UHP Freshmen and Sophomore registration is so close we can practically taste it!

But are you ready?  Now through November 12th, you can meet for advising without an appointment! Just stop in the UHP office anytime from 9am-5pm and ask to meet!

Everybody loves walk-in hours.