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Last Chance for Four Year Plan [Freshmen]

16 Oct


Freshmen, this is the last week to make a Four Year Plan (PDF) appointment, do it now! 

If you’re not already scheduled for an appointment you better hop to it.  After this Friday, Catherine and Liz will be busy helping people schedule (and boy will you wish you had your Four Year Plan done at that point, trust us!) Make an appointment now!

Need some inspiration? You can always reach out to other UHPers at our Facebook page, email uhpspa@gwu.edu, or make two appointments for yourself!

If Obama and Romney Can Do It….. [Freshmen]

11 Oct

If these guys can come up with 4 year plans, you can.

Freshmen, you need a four year plan!  Appointment spots for Catherine and Liz are filling up quickly! Make your Four Year Plan (PDF) appointment  right now
before it’s too late and you’re locked out!

If you’re feeling stumped on your Four Year Plan, you might be able to get some guidance here.

Your best bet: make your appointment right now, don’t wait until you’re done with your four year plan to make the appointment!

Make Your 4-Year Plan Appointment, Now! [Freshmen]

8 Oct

This is actually how most students figure out their four year plan. NBD.

Freshmen, if you haven’t scheduled your meeting with Catherine or Liz to talk about your Four Year Plan (PDF), do it now! 

Technically, you’ve got until Friday, October 19th to complete this meeting.  But, Liz and Catherine’s schedules book up fast, so grab an appointment now! They’re just really, really popular, okay?!

If you’re feeling stumped on your Four Year Plan, don’t despair.  It’s just an exercise to help you see how to complete your five majors, full year abroad, 8 minors, and 7 internships in four years.  No pressure.

The best thing to do is to make your appointment right now, and just make sure you’ve got your plan prepared in time for it!

Appointments: Now in Two Delicious Flavors!

28 Aug

This year we’re skipping the traditional walk-in hours for the first two weeks of the semester, and instead using a new option for appointments!

Starting right this very moment, you have the option of booking a 15 minute OR a 30 minute appointment with either Liz or Catherine!

Please note that 15 minutes is the default booking time, so if you want a 30 minute appointment, you have to select it! (You’ll see the dropdown menu for it after you select your start time.)

If you’re still looking for drop-ins, come to express advising hours, every Wednesday from 5-7pm in Foggy Bottom to see Liz and some SPA!

Head over and make your appointment now!

Remember, always take note of where you made your appointment!  You don’t want to show up at the Mt. Vernon Campus if Liz or Catherine is waiting for you in Foggy Bottom!

Walk-in Advising is Over – Make an Appointment!

30 Jan

Walk-ins don’t last forever.  If you need to meet with Catherine or Liz, you’ll need to make an appointment.

Also, we love memes.

Walk-in advising at the UHP is over. Make an appointment!