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The Seizure Detection Device [SURE Stories]

14 May
From the right: Pavan Jagannathan (BME ’14), Saumita Rajeevan (BME ’14), & Yash Jain (BME ’14)

From the right: Pavan Jagannathan (BME ’14), Saumita Rajeevan (BME ’14), & Yash Jain (BME ’14)

The following post is written by UHP student and SURE Award winner Pavan Jagannathan.

The money from the SURE Award will be used to help build my capstone design project.  What my group and I are attempting to build is a device that can identify seizures before they happen.  This “Seizure Detection Device” is a collection of systems responsible for interpreting a tonic-clonic EEG seizure signal, reporting it to the user, and calling first responders at the discretion of the user.  The system utilizes an electrode “helmet” that transmits the EEG signals via Bluetooth®™ to an Android™ smartphone.  The application on the Android™ analyzes, compares the signals to tonic -clonic seizure signals, and relays the appropriate response to the user on the graphical interface of the application. Continue reading

Television, Pizza, and Political Beliefs [SURE Stories]

13 May
Kara Dunford, performing research.

Kara Dunford, performing research.

This post is written by UHP student and SURE Award winner Kara Dunford.

Television viewers across the country need little more than a remote to explore life inside our nation’s political arena, as writers for series such as The West Wing, Veep, and most recently, House of Cards present their own imagined political realities via scripted programming. Continue reading

Coo-KIES, Conferences, and the SURE Award [SURE Stories]

10 May


Seattle – home of notable Starbucks, Nordstrom, and the awe-inspiring Costco – is also the home of my research début at the 2013 SRCD Biennial Meeting. The UHP/SURE award partially funded my travel expenses for this three-day conference with professionals in the field of child development research. With the help of two of my professors in the Speech and Hearing Science Department, Dr. Francys Subiaul and Dr. Cynthia Core, I submitted my Independent Study research as a poster presentation for the conference and was fortunate enough to be selected. Continue reading

Writing Hollywood [SURE Stories]

8 May

Jacob Garber and Prof. Phalen working together.

The following post is written by UHP student Jacob Garber, who received a UHP SURE award for research in Spring 2013. —

Hollywood TV is created behind the closed doors of the writers’ room. The writing staff brings life to comedies and dramas alike, yet the operation of these writers is largely unexplored. I am assisting Professor Phalen conduct an in-depth study of Hollywood writers, venturing into the writers’ room, exploring the relationship between the writer and the program, and tracing the history of TV writing from its roots in radio and stage performances. We hope to provide a holistic view of TV writers, from professional microculture to their larger role in the Hollywood system.  Continue reading

25 Apr

Herbert is a senior in the UHP, who was recently published.  The following post is written by him about what he did to get published:

I was selected to be a participant in the 2011 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program with the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center. I researched in the lab of Dr. P. Renee Yew. Specifically, we studied cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) and their inhibitors, both critical in the regulation of the cell cycle. We identified sites of phosphorylation on a particular CDK inhibitor (Xic2) found in the frog model Xenopus laevis. Phosphorylation at these sites serves to inhibit Xic2 degradation during interphase. We also elucidated a mechanism to show how Xic2 turnover occurs when DNA is first being replicated. Xic2 shares sequence homology with p21, a critical mammalian cell cycle regulator notably in response to DNA damage.

The paper was just published today on the website of Cell Division: