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UHPers in Holocaust Memory Course [GWHatchet]

16 Apr

Take a look at this article over at the GW Hatchet about Honors students in Prof. Walter Reich’s “Holocaust Memory” course, and the body of work they have produced which is on display now.

From the article:

Undergraduates in the honors international affairs class Holocaust and Memory pieced together letters, timelines, telegrams and dreary, black-and-white photographs to dive inside the life of a Holocaust survivor. The exhibit opened last week.

“It is personalizing an event which is almost incomprehensible – which is really incomprehensible – the Holocaust,” Reich, a former director of the Holocaust Museum, said. “One of the things that can be learned is think of all the people who didn’t survive and what they could have contributed to the world.”

Read the whole article here.

UHP Peer Advising Is Awesome [GW Hatchet]

8 Apr

If you’re a UHPer, you probably already know that UHP students have a great resource: the Student Peer Advisors (SPA).  Thanks to an article in today’s Hatchet, everybody else knows too!  Sunik Kim extols the virtues of a close-knit community and peer advising — just like what we have in the UHP with SPA.

Pretty awesome. SPAwesome.

From the Hatchet article:

Peer advising would not only help students from an academic standpoint, but new students could also benefit socially from older students who know more about campus life. As mentors to underclassmen, the older students in the honors program advising system hold get-togethers two to three times each month, where students can socialize.

Read the whole article here.

Addicted to Books? [Good Article]

1 Feb

Check out this post from Michael Dirda as he talks about the problems of a particular kind of addiction — books! Are you one of those notorious book hoarders too?

From the American Scholar article:

Now this is bad, very bad. These days I can hardly step away from this desk and not find myself gravitating to a used-book store and pulling out my credit card. I can almost always justify my purchases as sensible, reasonable courses of action. All addicts do this.

Incidentally, Michael Dirda will be visiting GWU soon for his UHP-sponsored talk on Sherlock Holmes.

21 Emotions with No English Words [Good Article]

18 Jan
Click through to explore the infographic.

Click through to explore the infographic.

Ever had a feeling you couldn’t quite describe?  It might be that there’s just not a word for it in the English language.  Check out this work, a blend of art and academia, that presents 21 emotions for which there are no English words in a fun infographic.

From the article:

In some cases, though, words do exist to describe those nameless emotions–they’re just not English words. Which is a shame, because–as today’s infographic by design student Pei-Ying Lin demonstrates, they often define a feeling entirely familiar to us.

UHPers in Poli Sci Newsletter!

19 Dec

Check out Adam Bethke and Dan Horning on page 6 of the Poli Sci newsletter!  Screen cap below, and link to the full pdf here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 4.08.25 PM