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“Like” Us on Facebook Before You Leave!

8 May

We’re sad to see you go, but before you pack up and head home, make sure to“Like” us on Facebook first! That way you’ll take the UHP back with you – along with the memories and photos from this year, and announcements for the upcoming years! You can also stay in touch with all of your Honors Program friends during the break. You may not be in class, but you’ll definitely still be on Facebook. Don’t start summer without us!

Save Time With Twitter!

1 May

We know you’re going into finals & don’t have much time, so you should follow us on twitter where everything longer than 140 char’s is cut o ….

See how well that works?  Follow us here.


24 Apr

We’re not trying to say the world revolves around you. We’re very pro-heliocentricity. But! You can join us on Google+ to share your (undoubtedly brilliant) ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and banter with us. In exchange, we’ll give you important dates, deadlines, information about internships, jobs, meals, and other cool stuff. Good deal all around, huh?  Check it out here!

We Love RSS.

17 Apr

…and no, it’s not just because we’re geeks.  It’s because (as the name Really Simple Syndication implies) it’s, well, really simple.

Step 1: Copy this link (or memorize and retype it, we don’t really care… although, typos are on you then):

Step 2: Go to (or a feed reader of your choice).

Step 3: Click subscribe, and input the link from step 1 into the box that pops up (or similar processes with other feed readers).

Step 4: Enjoy getting UHP news delivered to your virtual doorstep.

Wasn’t that easy? Enjoy!

Add Us To Your Facebook Routine!

10 Apr

You check your Facebook morning, noon, and night. On the couch, in bed, and in class. On your phone, on your laptop, or even on the work computer! You probably use Facebook more than your toothbrush. So why not make following the UHP page part of your daily Facebook regimen? Our page is where you’ll find up-to-the-minute news stories as well as all of the great things you already expect from Facebook: walls, status updates, photos, things to “Like”, etc. All geared for UHP students!

So follow us on Facebook now and have one more page to look at before you start that Statistics homework…