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The Physics of Rock Climbing!

7 May
Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing...

Professor Kung explains the physics of rock climbing…

The following post is written by UHPer and SPA member Kerry Lanzo —

My freshman year in the UHP, Professor Kung taught me Einstein’s theory of relativity. On Saturday, she revealed a different talent to four UHPers for a thrilling new type of professorial experience: rock climbing. Through three hours of Professor Kung’s (and company’s) patient belaying, there was a lot of falling, forearm fatigue, awkward bending (or stretching), and in some cases, muscular challenges that most classes in the UHP don’t require. We learned that some hand-holds really are not as nice as they look, and when in doubt, to forget the color of the course you are trying to follow and just grab anything you can that looks friendly to finish the wall. But it was worth the pain for some great photo ops from the top of the wall, a run-in with the Death Staror an end-of-the-day treat of Girl Scout Cookies and the chance to see our very own professor make a 5.10b course look easy.

More pics below.  Continue reading

Yoga with Liz!

3 May

Join Liz Sutton Wednesday, May 8 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm and Thursday, May 9 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in the West Hall group fitness studio for some some Liz-led yoga!

The Wednesday class is for the Honors community only and is capped at 15 students, so sign up early.

The West Hall Fitness Center has lots of yoga mats or you can bring your own. No prior experience with yoga is required. Just wear clothes you can move in and bring an open mind! Feel free to email Liz with any other questions.

Needless to say, Liz is pretty excited about this.


Like, really, really excited.


Capital Climate Initiative Open House [Event]

2 May

The George Washington University Honors Program would like to cordially invite you to the open house of the Capital Climate Initiative. On May 3rd, from 10:30 am to noon, the students will be presenting their special topic final presentations on different aspects of Climate Change at the Honors Club Room. The purpose of our endeavor is to raise awareness and educate the local community on climate change and an individual’s impact on the global community. Topics will range from Climate Science to Sustainable Technology and Behavior, and you will have the opportunity to view, first-hand, what we have accomplished this year: our website (, and two versions of our CO2 sensors. (A standalone sensor that communicates with our website and a second, held within a miniature Washington Monument, that also indicates to local users the concentration visually.)

We welcome questions regarding the technology used, the measurements themselves, and the climate science context of the results.

Study Hours in the UHP

30 Apr
Here's one of the more horrifying conceptions of "brain food" that we could find.

Here’s one of the more horrifying conceptions of “brain food” that we could find.

Avoid the crowded rooms in Gelman, the noise of your roommates, and the distractions of the bustling world during finals season.  Starting Thursday, Honors students can study in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom!

Students use the upstairs Club Room optionally as a group study, while the basement is always quiet study.  And don’t forget — studying makes you hungry, so we’ll provide plenty of brain food (snacks and coffee) to help you power through!

Most weekdays it’s 9am-10pm, weekends 12pm-10pm with only the following exceptions:  Continue reading

Students: We need your feedback!

23 Apr

You’ll receive notice of  online feedback forms soon for your courses, from April 22 – May 5. Results will be released to faculty May 22.  Most Honors students take the time to give serious feedback on these online forms. 

Why?  Because student feedback is a vital part of the evaluation process for courses and for faculty.  It’s true!  While your responses are anonymous, and results aren’t even seen by faculty until after graduation, your feedback is extremely important in making sure that all students get the best experience possible.

The feedback surveys only take a few minutes of your time — and doing them online let’s us save a lot of paper!  And pencils.  Nobody ever worries about saving pencils but they matter too.  Help us save paper and pencils by completing yours online as soon as you get it!