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Study Hours in the UHP

30 Apr
Here's one of the more horrifying conceptions of "brain food" that we could find.

Here’s one of the more horrifying conceptions of “brain food” that we could find.

Avoid the crowded rooms in Gelman, the noise of your roommates, and the distractions of the bustling world during finals season.  Starting Thursday, Honors students can study in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom!

Students use the upstairs Club Room optionally as a group study, while the basement is always quiet study.  And don’t forget — studying makes you hungry, so we’ll provide plenty of brain food (snacks and coffee) to help you power through!

Most weekdays it’s 9am-10pm, weekends 12pm-10pm with only the following exceptions:  Continue reading

2013 Strasser Winners Announced!

24 Apr

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Strasser Writing Prize!  Of all the entries, these three papers were selected as the best by a committee of Honors faculty reading through several rounds of elimination!

The winner is awarded a $100 gift card, and each runner up is awarded a $50 gift card.

Once again, congratulations!!


Katie Winters – “Clinical Studies of Aphasia: The Role of Language in Social Death”

Runners up:

Jonah Lewis – “Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep: The Media’s Beauty Standards and African American Women’s Self-Actualization”
Kathryn Cote – “Turn Loose the Horses: Revealing the True Nature of Dysart’s Tragedy Through Nietzschean Philosophy”

Walk In Advising Starts Monday!

29 Mar

Got a question about registration next week?  Starting on Monday, there’s no need for appointments!  Just walk in during walk in hours (9:30am-4:30pm) and ask to meet with Catherine or Liz! Walk in hours are next Monday through Wednesday.

As an added bonus, there will be evening walk in hours on Monday and Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm. We know you’re busy, so benefit from these extended hours!

No appointments necessary or possible, just walk on in!

The Very Model of a Roman Woman Warrior [Recommended Event]

29 Mar

Come attend Professor Judith P. Hallett’s lecture, ” The Very Model of a Roman Woman Warrior,” on April 11th.  There will be a reception at 6 p.m., with the lecture at 6:30 in Funger Hall 103.  Professor Hallett (UMD) will be discussing contemporary Roman Republican and later Imperial images of Fulvia, the formidable second wife of Roman general and politician Mark Antony and the venomous enemy of Cicero.



Prof. Hallett is a dynamic lecturer who is well known in the US and England for her expertise in Roman literature and culture, especially Latin love elegy, and as a faculty member at the University of Maryland, she is our neighbor as well. Her lecture “The Very Model of a Roman Warrior” will focus on the formidable Fulvia, second wife of the Roman general and political leader Mark Antony– Prof. Hallett has provided a vivid image for the poster that pungently illustrates the provocative nature of her persona to a 19th-century artistic imagination!

You Can Know What’s Going On

25 Mar

Don’t miss out on events and deadlines for the rest of the semester:  Use our calendar!  It’s online, but thanks to the magic of the Interwebz, you can just add our calendars right into yours!

It’s really easy to do.  Just make sure you’re logged into your GWmail account, and then just click this link to add our calendars to yours.