Baby William’s Book Tasting: Curious George and the Puppies

29 Apr
will george tasting

Alright, let’s read.

As a member of the UHP’s intellectual community, junior program officer William Chandler offers book recommendations beyond your syllabi.

Fans and followers of my book reviews can breathe a sigh of relief – Curious George gets better!  I recently stomped and chewed on “Curious George and the Puppies Lap Edition” and enjoyed it thoroughly for its storytelling and its structural integrity.

In this adventure, George finds a kitten in a park and the man in the yellow hat drives them to a local animal shelter to care for the very young cat.  (WHOA I CAN CRAWL UNDER THIS TABLE)  With his usual hapless helpfulness, George gets into quite the misadventure with a whole litter of puppies.  So sincere and so fearless!

The reader also learns a valuable lesson about the importance of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.  Dear reader, please spay and neuter your pets!

Structural integrity!

Structural integrity!

More importantly, perhaps, this is an awesomely big book.  (HEY I’M CRAWLING UP THE STAIRS)  I tried repeatedly to use it to escape confinement.  My parents do not seem to appreciate my adventures crawling all over the house and putting everything possible into my mouth – how can I satisfy my curiosity from the safety and boredom of that play pen?  I was hoping this book would help me scale the walls of my prison to celebrate freedom on behalf of all Infant Americans.

Sadly these plans did not come to pass, but the book did survive quite a beating!  As a lap book of large dimensions and a board book of stiff pages, rest assured you can take out your worst frustrations on it.  (WHY CAN’T I PUT THAT IN MY MOUTH???)

This adventure gets 5/5.

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